It's Buono! ... but not as we know it


I think its safe to say that is one of the most catchiest and addictive Buono! songs yet, its really hard to get the 'rotarra rotarra' out my head.
But this video seems really quite different to anything they have done before.
The PV is comprised of 3 sections, a dance shot, a close up, and close to the end a 'free cam' shot that gets up close and personal, nothing special or exciting really.
What really makes this video different is that this seems to be the first Buono! video that has no story line or gimmick, we dont even get to see Momoko doing something dorky or goofy, whats that all about?
And another HUGE difference is the costumes ... its undeniable that all 3 girls look cute as hell ... but where in gods name are the punky pop girls I've grown to love? I dont see any straps, chains, tartan, badges or clothing with the word 'fuck' on, is this a new direction Buono! are taking? a cutesy 60's style unit? ... probably not but I find it kinda strange that they broke away from the usual codes and conventions that make Buono Buono! (that makes sense in my head).

Although I love all 3 girls I think that Airi really shines the brightest in this video, the big yellow bow in her hair is too adorable for words.

Momoko seems to have the most energy in this video, she's throwing herself about constantly, its a shame we see little action from her pinky, although if you watch the video in slow motion it can be seen at times sticking out.

Have I mentioned recently how good Miyabi is looking? I think she probably has one of the best hair styles in hello! project ... right next to Maimi.

During the video all the girls do the 'L' sign with there fingers, I'm 100% sure this means Love, aww.

Airi never fails to look cool and cute at the same time.

It's really good to see that Airi still has her cute fangs, we should enjoy them while we can just incase she gets a veneer like Risako did ... at least I think she did.

Like I've said previously we seem to see alot more leg exposure of late, these short hem lines are playing havoc with my heart and nose bleeds, Miyabi seems to have a natural ability of sticking her butt out, even more so than Momoko, wow.

I love the closing shot of this video, simple yet iconic.

Video credit to Paul from Hello blog


Anonymous said...

"its a shame we see little action from her pinky, although if you watch the video in slow motion it can be seen at times sticking out."

Wow, I had to re-read that about 10 times before I realized you were talking about the pinky on her HAND not her....other...pinky. LOL

TIMMII said...

The music is still J-pop rock though, But the PV is really different.