Takahashi Ai - Mou Hitotsu no Ai


Takahashi Ai's 9th Photobook has finally come out and this post is nothing more than a veiled excuse to post some eye candy of the delicious Aichan.
I dont actually own any of her solo photobooks and I'm not really sure why ... considering she is a truly beautiful and talented girl it seems a crime not to.
No doubt she will be on my 'to buy list' along with a few other photobooks ... like Suzuki Airi's 3rd photobook and Kusumi Koharu's 3rd photobook.
Anyway 'Mou Hitotsu no Ai' is quite a lovely photobook which is to be expected as anything Aichan graces turns to gold (see post below).
Filled with the usual bikini fan service and booty shots ... one could say that the producers of these photos are running out of ideas ... but if they look this good who cares? hooray for unoriginality!
Below are a few choice shots, and you can download the scanned photobook here, or if you wish to support your idol please buy it from here


The obligatory High King review!


As stated previously I've been holding my thoughts on 'Cinderella Complex' until there was a decent PV available ... and like clock work 'dohhh UP!' has just unleashed it.
And I choose use the word 'unleash' for a reason because while watching it you get blasted by servere amounts of WIN and slick sexy beats.
Originally when I heard the single a few days back it made me think about Salt5 get up rapper!, probably because they both share a great line up and swift funky beats (minus the banana chip chip chip).
With such a quality line up of idols it would be near impossible to make this unit fail, the mixture of girls in this group is interesting ... 2 leaders, 1 captain, a yankee, and an egg thrown in, if this were a cake it would be a delicious one.
With there being such a potent line up of vocal abilities I was really hoping for equal line distribtion, yet it seems that Aichan and Reina take vocal lead .. it isn't really that supprising considering they are the strongest (probably within the whole of h!p).
A voice that does strike me though is Maeda Yuuka, not only does she have a really genki addictive voice, she also has a pair of the most amazingly beautiful Über Kawaii eyes.
The video follows with some slick editing and some good shots with the camera rotating around the girls, there is also some cool shots of the girls silhouettes behind a blinding spot light.
The video fits very well with the music and never has any boring parts, its non-stop high caliber WIN fest from start to finish.
The girls that stand out mostly for me is Reina (maybe because she's featured the most) and Maeda Yuuka ... I really hope we see more of her in the future.
Unfortunatly Maimi wasnt wearing hotpants ... BUT she was wearing a lovely short skirt so I'll let it slide this once.
Is there any bad points about the video? quite frankly NO, unless you count unequal line distribution which seems to becoming the norm nowdays with h!p videos.
I'll definitely be ordering a copy of this single later tonight.
Below is the video, what do you think?

Online Videos by Veoh.com


High king = Win?


The news of a new unit is always awesome, I always love to see a different mix of idols placed together, new styles of music, outfits, and attitude, it's also interesting to see the chemistry between them all.
The newest unit on the scene is 'High King' ... a creation stemming from the forthcoming stage play ''Cinderella the Musical''.
Now as most of you probably already know this new unit stars Takahashi Ai, Yajima Maimi , Shimizu Saki, Tanaka Reina, and the Hello!Pro Egg (n00b) Maeda Yuuka.
Surely a group containing so much potent win is a sure fire success right? ... well although I always like to be overtly optimistic regarding idol issues ... this time I'm being 'cautiously optimistic' .. why you ask? ... well at countless times in my life I've been at some house party, stood in the kitchen with my friends ... getting a big bowl and filling it with beer, vodka, wine, malibu, whisky ... and anything under the kitchen sink, drunken logic would seem that the cocktail of lovely drinks (even malibu... dont judge me) will produce a drink fit for a God ... yet as it always transpires ... its bloody awful.
Although I dont know ... I have a good idea this unit will be active for only 1 single (just like Aa, Gyaruru, ZYX etc...).
The single coming out is called 'Cinderella\Complex' ... after a quick wiki search it seems that a 'cinderella complex' has something to do with a women's fear of independence, but anyway you can download a poor radio rip of the track here, I'll try and resist making an early judgment ... all I can say the style of music would suggest a sexy and slick dance routine ... will Maimi be wearing hotpants? ... god I hope so, watch this space.


Charmy's charms


With V-u-den now pretty much dead and buried, its quite a curiosity as to what Rika Ishikawa will be doing with herself next.
Undoubtly she will be flaunting her fruits in one way or another, she's recently just been hired by Fanta to 'promote' their soft drink, which basicly involves dressing Rika in skimpy orange hot pants and making her bounce around the stage shaking the can up and down vigoursly (yes I'm thinking the same thoughts also).
At the moment there is no clue at all which direction her idol career will take, either Tsunku and the UFA will push her to become a full solo artist or she will slowly fade into obscurity and star in the sleazy world of JAV ... either way its win win.
It's quite clear that Rika still is a hot commodity in regards to the top brass at UFA, so its good to see them pumping out more lovely photobooks, her eighth solo photobook which has just been released is entitled 'Kazahana' and is a lovely yet dare I say ... predictable photobook,
dont get me wrong ... I love looking at pretty Japanese girls in bikinis (who doesnt?) ... but theres nothing in this PB that I havent seen before ... its just the usual run around acting dorky ... laying on the floor staring wantingly into the camera lens, theres a fair amount of chest and arse close ups which are always welcome yet still a little 'yawn'.
I must admit though my fandom for Rika has slowly been fading over the years, I think I liked her more when she was younger and still in Morning Musume, ever since she was placed into V-u-den her increasingly 'whorey' image has put me off her.
Regardless, below are a few choice shots from the photobook ... feel free to download it here. and let me know what your thoughts are.


Wotaku T-shirts

For a while now I've been thinking of getting some hello! project (wota) t-shirts made up, these t-shirts would be 100% unofficial and fairly simple in design due to my limited production abilities.
At the moment this idea is fairly hypothetical as I'm unsure if anything will become of it, but if I were to start making them I would be working for zero profit, the costs to be covered would be production and p&p (If any profit was to be made it would be donated directly to the RSPCA).
At the moment I've done a variety of designs, some people might not understand them, but I would be quite happy to wear any of these designs in public ^_^
Let me know what you think, also please suggest new ideas and designs! I would love to make lots more!
(I'll add more designs when I sober up and things)

A t-shirt only I would wear

Random h!p quotes

And since International Wota write lots of nice things about me heres a few early designs.

This design says Wota (in katakana) and a figure 8 representing infinity, it was only later that I realized it looks kinda phallic...

Also just a quickie update, Ohta is now selling those cool 'UH! HA!' Berryz Kobo T-shirts! ... order one HERE NOW!.


Ayaka's surprise graduation lesson!


Ahh Ayaka ... as most of you Wota's probably already know she is about to graduate from the hectic world of hello! project (see link for full story).
Its always a time of mixed emotions when someone leaves the h!p family, sometimes girls end their idol career prematurely *COUGH* ... and sometimes they dont end them at all *COUGH!!*.
From my early days of becoming a h!p fan I can fondly recall watching 'Ayakas surprise English lessons' ... I'm sure most of you fall into this category, I could go on a long worthless rant about the English lessons but I'm sure you all know how full of win they were, if not ... then I suggest you have an awesome history lesson .
Admittedly I was never actually a big fan of Coconuts Musume, their music never really got my attention, so I can safely say I wont miss them ... but what I will miss is the idea of another series of Ayakas English lessons ... I was really hoping they would bring them back ... but now that idea is shot to shit.
Ayaka was a talented sexy woman, its a shame she was stuck in a defunct unit and was only given one photobook (download here).
I wish Ayaka the best of luck in her new life, I hope she becomes successful and dosent end up washed up like all those other jdrama 'actors'.
I'll leave you with a performance of Petitmoni's 'Baby koi no knock out' featuring Ayaka, Yossie and Satoda Mai, this version is brilliant, enjoy!

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