Takahashi Ai - Mou Hitotsu no Ai


Takahashi Ai's 9th Photobook has finally come out and this post is nothing more than a veiled excuse to post some eye candy of the delicious Aichan.
I dont actually own any of her solo photobooks and I'm not really sure why ... considering she is a truly beautiful and talented girl it seems a crime not to.
No doubt she will be on my 'to buy list' along with a few other photobooks ... like Suzuki Airi's 3rd photobook and Kusumi Koharu's 3rd photobook.
Anyway 'Mou Hitotsu no Ai' is quite a lovely photobook which is to be expected as anything Aichan graces turns to gold (see post below).
Filled with the usual bikini fan service and booty shots ... one could say that the producers of these photos are running out of ideas ... but if they look this good who cares? hooray for unoriginality!
Below are a few choice shots, and you can download the scanned photobook here, or if you wish to support your idol please buy it from here


MorningBerryz said...

Aichan was my longest running favorite Momusu member for a few years after Nacchi graduated and up until Kamei finally took over....it just couldn't be helped but she's still #2! ^-^ Ordering this one was a no brainer for me as I have the rest of hers and I must keep her collection complete! She's also getting an extended special making of DVD which can be ordered through Ohta as it won't be available directly from Japan. One of her most beautiful covers too!!

Anonymous said...

You know what. I'm really dissapointed with this PB. I thought that as I was starting to find Ai-chan a bit more 'alluring' that I would like it. But I don't. Why are Reina's so very much different then her's? Reina's are so much better.

Ahh well...there's always next time.

paul.thomas said...

I'm looking forward to this release it's been quite awhile since I bought one of Aichan's PB releases but I'm definitely getting this one!
Plus, how good does her bum look in some of these shots!

Shirow said...


I understand your situation with keeping the 'collection complete' ... theres just something so satisfying about having 'them all'.
I would like to eventualy own at least 90% of h!p photobooks ... but I have some way to go yet.


I dont think theres anything to be disapointed with, it does exactly what it says on the tin! and I think you just love Risa tyoo much for anymore women in your life :p


Yes indeedy ... there are some very 'pleasing' shots indeed, we should be thankful she's willing to do such shots ^_^

Anonymous said...

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