The Alo Hello! 3 Captacular Part 1

Right then let me start this off by saying that I utterly adored this video from start to finish, every second is dripping with idol goodness, beautiful girls and a beautiful location ... this is the kind of stuff that more idol groups need to be doing (ahem Berryz).
The following babble/caps are devoid of context and time line, and I'll no doubt skip parts I think we can do without ... if this page is loading slow due to the amount of images then that's too bad!
Anyway swiftly moving forward...

How amazing does Hawaii look? clear waters and blue skies, unlike the UK which consists of grey skies and concrete paving slabs.

Something you see alot of in this video are staff members in the background, normally the staff are edited out, but as you can clearly see a female member of staff is playing with Aika's chest.

JunJun on all fours looking quite excited for the flag race about to happen.

Watching this race in slow motion is interesting, Eri is bouncing everywhere and Risa falls on her ass for some unknown reason.

Beach hazards include Jelly fish, sharks and falling idols.


You might be smiling now Aika ... but just you wait ...

Again we have Eri bouncing everywhere ... yet my eyes are distracted for a moment by ...

BAM!!!! Aika's head flat in the sand, ooh SNAP!

''Head down!'' ... oh Risa that's my kinda language ...

10 minutes later Aika is still wiping the sand from her 大きい chin.

JunJun gives us a goofy ''Yaaaay tanoshii!!!!''

By the ridiculous grin on this mans face he clearly enjoys his job, THE LUCKY BASTARD.

Sayumi says ''Eri sugooooiiiii'' in a really annoying voice.


Koharu SMASH!!!

''Help meeeee!!!!!''

Volleyball time!! *thinks of dead or alive beach volleyball*

OMG LinLin ... relevant.

Aichan's body is smoking as usual

JunJun is really scared about getting hit by the ball

So Reina gives JunJun some advanced lessons in hitting.

Gotta love the camera shot here ...

Dang ... who would of thought the pandas would look so good in bikini's? ... JunJun's abs are awesome.


JunJun hangs in her head in shame after a poor shot

LinLin midshot ...


Fail shot.

JunJun almost smacks Koharu in the face ...

''SO SORRY!!!''

With Koharu being the Volleyball captain back at school she should totally pwn everyone ...

Strike ...

Point!!! and bonus points for almost hitting Reina!

Great success!!!!!

Stay tuned for part 2 ...


It's that time again ...

The festive season is always an incredibly busy time for me, not only do I work throughout the night I also have to contend with idol news/study/sleep and drinking, the latter being the most important.
There is also quite alot I have to catch up within the world of H!P, in my 'to watch' folder I have the latest Berryz Kobo's concert (Berikore!) I cant wait to watch this, I intend to cut the video up and upload my favorite parts, I also hope to write a post about it.
Other videos to watch is Buonos! 'Rock n Buono!' concert, I've had a quick look at this and its quite amazing, again I will write about this in a coming post.
But the video that I'm most eager to watch is Morning Musume's 'Alo Hello 3!' ... 7 gigs worth of delicious girl's in bikini's, I'm DEFINITELY gonna do a big ass post about this complete with many many lovely pictures ... the thought of Jun Jun in a bikini makes me *ahem*.
So over the next week I'm gonna try and take care of some of these things, although my 1st priority will be drinking with friends and enjoying the festive period, I hope you all have a great Christmas and an awesome new year.



こんばんは つんく です!!!

Hello readers of 'Wotaku now!' genki desu ka?
Shirow has been kind enough to let me write a post on his blog, isn't that nice of him?
For those of you that don't know my name is TSUNKU, I'm kinda like the overlord of h!p production ... I'm the man who knows how to get things, I'm kind of a BIG deal.
I'm not here just to talk about myself and post sexy pictures though, I need your help ...

Oh this is me being all casual ^^

Anyway enough of this sexual tomfoolery, lets get down to business, like I said I know how to get things ... so I pose to all of you a question ...

What do you want to see happen in 2009?

This past year has been a super busy time, not only have we been expanding our Empire further into Asia we have also been cutting costs at home, getting the elder members of h!p to graduate has been very good for our finances ... that right ... we have more cash to play with.
So ... how do you want us to spend this money? shall we hold auditions for a 9th Generation? ... shall we splash more cash onto our promotional videos? ... do you want more photobooks? Risako keeps texting me for her forth one ... do you think someone else wants one? if so who? ... Chinami? JunJun?

oh I'm so silly at times ^^

Please leave comments below and tell me what you want to see more of ... and maybe even less of ... I hear that some of you are getting pissed with line distribution and cheap videos?
Shriow wants his keyboard back now so I guess this is bye for now ... I'll be keeping my eyes on the comments so please go type your ideas ... be part of history ^^

さようなら 皆 。


The obligatory C-ute girls & Adolf Hitler post

The producers of Yorosen have just landed themselves in hot water by allowing a seemingly contraverisal statement slipping into the program claiming that Adolf Hitler is a 'great man'.
Multiple Japanese news sites have picked up on this story with claims that it offended various viewers ... the Yorosen staff then issued a statement;

On our TV show "YoroSEN" on 12/4, something improper was broadcasted.The theme was "World's great men DEN" and the subject of Adolf Hitler was brought up.
We were misinformated in history.
Some viewers were very unpleased, and to whom it may concern, we sincerely apologize.
From now on, the broadcasting content will be reviewed in the company.

First lets look at what actually happend on last weeks show before we unleash a lynch mob...
The teacher of last weeks 'Yorosen!' was Saki NakaJima (or as I call her Naki)
and the topic to be taught was 'the worlds greatest men'... here's a brief run down of events ...

Naki writes on the board 'the worlds greatest men' to which Maimi comments on Naki's poor writing skills.


Naki then gives a brief description of Christopher Columbus or コロンブス as Naki puts it

Then follows an impression of him lol

Up next is the Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte, as you can see Naki's drawing skills leave alot to be desired.

She then says how he created buttons to go on sleeves to stop french troops wiping their noses on them, Naki treats us to a little song that goes 'if there's snot here, dry it off!'.

I'm now gonna skip ahead to the relevant part ...

''For today's Yorosen let's continue with our Nakky-ish great men!''

Naki shows the board to everyone ... Hitler! or as its written Hi-to-raa (ヒトラー)

Maimi then comments 'who was he again? I don't remember anything about him! but I think I've heard of him before'.

Naki then says 'I think when you see his face it will come back to you'.


Maimai says it looks like Hitler is hemorrhaging

Another brilliant example of Naki's artistic brilliance.

Naki then proceeds to give a brief lecture of him

Anyway so this person was very good at delivering speeches and captured the hearts of his nation.
But he had some very deep secrets and one is that his speeches had a cleansing effect.
They were said to project a trembling rhythm.
And so the citizens were captivated by his speech.
Incredible huh?
Furthermore Hitler was said to have a certain complex.
Maichan do you know what it is!?

''His mouth!?''


Actually it was that he felt he was too short.
But in regards to this issue , Many of Hitlers people didnt think so.
And tried to convince him otherwise by constantly telling him, ''That isn't true''.

Naki then decides to do an impression of Hitler which is (thankfully) her saying ''Well I've got 170cm!''

I find this story interesting for a few reasons, obviously the most prominent being the omittance of Hitlers record involving genocide, the show does touch upon a small part of Hitlers history by saying he was 'leader of Germany, he published anti-semitic works and was defeated in world war 2'.
I understand that the show is light hearted entertainment so I dont expect a meticulous account of the third reich or final solution but I do think the producers were a little short sighted when dealing with one of the most contraversial figures of the 20th century.
Were these facts left out because its an entertainment show? or were they left out due to ignorance? I find it very hard to beleive it was the latter.
I was going to expand on this and talk about the Japanese schools curriculum involving the history of world war 2 ... but it's probably a little out my depth and I'm not going to single Japan out in regards to numerous atrocities commited by all sides.
So to wrap up ... Naki was awesome on Yorosen, and her drawings were kinda cute (even Hitoraa).
Thank god she didn't do a Sieg Heil while doing an impression of him though.

Credit to Nouciel and sferris for the translations.