It's that time again ...

The festive season is always an incredibly busy time for me, not only do I work throughout the night I also have to contend with idol news/study/sleep and drinking, the latter being the most important.
There is also quite alot I have to catch up within the world of H!P, in my 'to watch' folder I have the latest Berryz Kobo's concert (Berikore!) I cant wait to watch this, I intend to cut the video up and upload my favorite parts, I also hope to write a post about it.
Other videos to watch is Buonos! 'Rock n Buono!' concert, I've had a quick look at this and its quite amazing, again I will write about this in a coming post.
But the video that I'm most eager to watch is Morning Musume's 'Alo Hello 3!' ... 7 gigs worth of delicious girl's in bikini's, I'm DEFINITELY gonna do a big ass post about this complete with many many lovely pictures ... the thought of Jun Jun in a bikini makes me *ahem*.
So over the next week I'm gonna try and take care of some of these things, although my 1st priority will be drinking with friends and enjoying the festive period, I hope you all have a great Christmas and an awesome new year.



Anonymous said...

Well, we'll get one of those bitches done in a minute ^^ Morning Musume in bikini's is made of some much win. I know I'm gonna get bodily fluid everywhere whilst we're watching it...I'm meaning blood you perv!

I'm not sure if I've downloaded the Berryz concert, but I do have the Buono! one to watch.
Miyabi ♥♥♥ Miyabi ♥♥♥ Miyabi ♥♥♥

Merry Christmas! Chin Chin! *clangs beer bottle*

ron~ said...

Merry Christmas! :D

nnathann said...

Merry Christmas.
lol the video is soo funny.

Kyon said...

Haha! Have a Merry Christmas!

Where can i get Buono!'s new concert :o

TIMMII said...

Merry Christmas,
Buono! concert is quite good,
Berikore is also good, I really like "Be" and "Ah merry go round" . check them out.

paul.thomas said...

Hope you had a great Christmas Shirow!! And I have to agree, Junjun in a bikini is quite something!

I haven't seen the Buono! concert I'll have to check it out.

Rick said...

Merry Christmas hope you get some(a lot) of that drinking in. Had a good time with the family now have to work split shifts for 2 weeks as the other clerk is on vacation. Well, thats more money to feed my H!P addiction. I mentioned that I plan on going to Japan within the next couple of years and now he keeps bugging me to take him too. Get 'em hooke young.