Shugo Chara egg! - worth the wait?

It's been over 2 months since I first talked about the new j-pop unit Shugo Chara egg ... and 2 months in wota time seems like 2 years, everyday for the past few weeks I've been poking around the internets in hope of finding more information ... but thank god, no need to search anymore as the PV is now out, so was it worth the wait? to quote the lyrics I would have to say 'fumu fumu yeah! yeah!'
To start off, the key reason why I love this single so much is because it embodies everything that I lurve about j-pop, it's bouncy, quirky, catchy, colourful and amazingly cute, it's such a tried and tested formula that never fails to grab my attention (and money).

The video starts with a very very very colorful set, and for those of you that have played on 'Super mario 64' this might bear striking resemblance to the 'Rainbow ride' level ...YAY!

It's quite easy to tell that Maeda Yuka is the lead girl in this group, I don't have a problem with this because she has a very lovely and addictive voice, not to mention adorable eyes.

Fukuda Kanon (along with Maeda Yuka) are the two girls that are featured the most heavily, they get the most lines and longer close ups.

Saho Akari has a slightly boyish style going on ... no doubt this is down to her blue clothing ... but check out her suspenders! me like.

Wada Ayaka (can you say that name fast without loling?) to me looks alot like Saho Akari, they could almost be sisters, she has a fairly nifty hair do going on also.

Although it might seem like Maeda Yuka is calling us all losers, she is infact in the process of making a diamond shape with her hands ... this probably has something to do with the anime series (which I don't watch).

Fukuda Kanon is totally giving a naughty little smirk here.

Saho Akari looks really cute when she's concentrating.

Check out that hair! reminds me slightly of Airi Suzuki's hair.

Maeda Yuka seems to have a slightly dorky yet cool style going on, her ears stick out slightly which I consider uber cute with idols.

This part of the video shows all 4 girls laying down with each other, which is good because I can get better screen caps when their not jumping around singing and dancing.

She really looks like Saho Akari's sister.

I hate to use the term 'Kawaii' because I've heard it about a trillion times but sometimes I cant help it ... かわいい


I wonder if you can buy these pillow things? considering this is an anime I would probably say yes you can.

Jazz hands desu!!!

someone say jazz hands desu!?!

Group hug!!!

Personally I think that Fukuda Kanon is the idol what stands out most in this video, not only is she the shortest member she also has a brilliant ability to pull the :3 face ...

She also can pull dorky faces ^^

Which girl do you think is best? they all have talent and cute looks in my opinion but I think Fukuda Kanon somehow appeals to me because she reminds me a little of Kago Aibon (the younger Aibon pre-scandal of course).
Feel free to watch the video and then VOTE!


Anonymous said...

When news of this was released, I wasn't really interested and the PV has done nothing to make pull me in. It reminds me of the AKB subgroup Honegumi(sp).

On first watching of the PV, I thought it was ok. Nothing special. Now I've watched it again I was bored. This will go with Berryz Kobo's Madayade - in the bargain basket.

Maybe it will grow on me in the future and I'll have to eat my words. I highly doubt it though.

Why is H!P getting younger? It's starting to put me off...

Dran said...

Is it just me or does Maeda Yuuka's costume seem a little reminiscent of Ai Takahashi's in Happy7's Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam PV?

Shirow said...

@ Lolli

To be honest I think you have a hard time liking anything that isn't Risa related ... I jest .. but maybe there is a little truth in that ne?
And I dunno about h!p getting 'younger' I think it might seem like it more now because all the 'older' members have buggered off, young idols are putting you off h!p??? .... thats crazy talk!

@ Dran

Nicely spotted ... it certainly has the same kinda thing going on ... the cheap dastards.

Anonymous said...

What you say about Risa is true. I doesn't have to just be her though. But she needs to be in it for me to like it ^_^

As for the youngsters. I think I'm just going through a phase which I hope I'll snap out of soon. But at the moment, just the thought of Risako in a bikini is repulsing me.

Dear God I hope I snap out of it...it really sucks balls!!!

Anonymous said...

kanon ftw

so this is the reason why buono's pv become so cheap

Anonymous said...

i Like them all but Kanon looks abit like Mei Mei , a taiwanese singer and actor ^__^ i likt Yuuka & Kanon the most

Sara said...

I like this group. I really hope they keep Buono!, though...

Portal Space said...

Lol, I think that might be my cap with Kanon making the funny face or you capped the exact same second I did. She's so cute and she has the looks and personality to go big IMO.

melo said...

Maeda Yuka made a mistake the first time she made a heart with her hands

Anonymous said...

@the maker of this post

if u like so much cute stuff u should see milkyway's pvs anataboshi & tan tan taan!

copy and paste into bar to watch

(anataboshi subtitled)

(tan! tan! taan! subtitled)

Kimoni said...

I like them since a couple of days now (I can even tell them apart 0___0 )

And all beacuase someone forced me cosplay as one of them. Maeda Yuuka (Amulet Heart) was out of the question, and Wada Ayaka was out to (I wanted to make her costume TT_TT)

So now I'm doind Saho Akari (Amulet Spade). I'm really happy! first of all, I get to dance in shorts, and she has the most awsum socks EVER.

But I do agree with the writer, Kanon is master in pulling the =3 face ^--^

I like them, just wondering if they are going to realease another song.

Kimoni said...

oh, and I think taht Kanon looks a bit like Aibon when she still was in Morning Musume ^--^

Anonymous said...

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