The obligatory C-ute girls & Adolf Hitler post

The producers of Yorosen have just landed themselves in hot water by allowing a seemingly contraverisal statement slipping into the program claiming that Adolf Hitler is a 'great man'.
Multiple Japanese news sites have picked up on this story with claims that it offended various viewers ... the Yorosen staff then issued a statement;

On our TV show "YoroSEN" on 12/4, something improper was broadcasted.The theme was "World's great men DEN" and the subject of Adolf Hitler was brought up.
We were misinformated in history.
Some viewers were very unpleased, and to whom it may concern, we sincerely apologize.
From now on, the broadcasting content will be reviewed in the company.

First lets look at what actually happend on last weeks show before we unleash a lynch mob...
The teacher of last weeks 'Yorosen!' was Saki NakaJima (or as I call her Naki)
and the topic to be taught was 'the worlds greatest men'... here's a brief run down of events ...

Naki writes on the board 'the worlds greatest men' to which Maimi comments on Naki's poor writing skills.


Naki then gives a brief description of Christopher Columbus or コロンブス as Naki puts it

Then follows an impression of him lol

Up next is the Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte, as you can see Naki's drawing skills leave alot to be desired.

She then says how he created buttons to go on sleeves to stop french troops wiping their noses on them, Naki treats us to a little song that goes 'if there's snot here, dry it off!'.

I'm now gonna skip ahead to the relevant part ...

''For today's Yorosen let's continue with our Nakky-ish great men!''

Naki shows the board to everyone ... Hitler! or as its written Hi-to-raa (ヒトラー)

Maimi then comments 'who was he again? I don't remember anything about him! but I think I've heard of him before'.

Naki then says 'I think when you see his face it will come back to you'.


Maimai says it looks like Hitler is hemorrhaging

Another brilliant example of Naki's artistic brilliance.

Naki then proceeds to give a brief lecture of him

Anyway so this person was very good at delivering speeches and captured the hearts of his nation.
But he had some very deep secrets and one is that his speeches had a cleansing effect.
They were said to project a trembling rhythm.
And so the citizens were captivated by his speech.
Incredible huh?
Furthermore Hitler was said to have a certain complex.
Maichan do you know what it is!?

''His mouth!?''


Actually it was that he felt he was too short.
But in regards to this issue , Many of Hitlers people didnt think so.
And tried to convince him otherwise by constantly telling him, ''That isn't true''.

Naki then decides to do an impression of Hitler which is (thankfully) her saying ''Well I've got 170cm!''

I find this story interesting for a few reasons, obviously the most prominent being the omittance of Hitlers record involving genocide, the show does touch upon a small part of Hitlers history by saying he was 'leader of Germany, he published anti-semitic works and was defeated in world war 2'.
I understand that the show is light hearted entertainment so I dont expect a meticulous account of the third reich or final solution but I do think the producers were a little short sighted when dealing with one of the most contraversial figures of the 20th century.
Were these facts left out because its an entertainment show? or were they left out due to ignorance? I find it very hard to beleive it was the latter.
I was going to expand on this and talk about the Japanese schools curriculum involving the history of world war 2 ... but it's probably a little out my depth and I'm not going to single Japan out in regards to numerous atrocities commited by all sides.
So to wrap up ... Naki was awesome on Yorosen, and her drawings were kinda cute (even Hitoraa).
Thank god she didn't do a Sieg Heil while doing an impression of him though.

Credit to Nouciel and sferris for the translations.


KirarinSnow said...

I guess it's a part of a larger question of what aspects of history should be presented to children and at what ages, since history is full of unspeakable things humans have done to others. And it's certainly impossible to inform students of every historical detail. But then depending on what limited information you convey, you can paint a portrait of varying degrees of "greatness" for any historical figure.

Not to belittle Hitler's actions, but Columbus and Napoleon have their share of controversy too. But where is the outrage against portraying Columbus as a "great man" when he was responsible for the enslavement and genocide of hundreds of thousands of native people in the Caribbean islands?

There aren't any easy answers, but I feel the approach people have taken to the current Yorosen! controversy doesn't really touch on the larger issues.

Julia said...

a) Nakky is gorgeous.
b) Chisa is gorgeous.
c) I can't believe Maimi wouldn't know who Hitler is, since she's 16. You'd think a 16-year-old would know that. o.o But I guess I can't comment on history class in Japan, either.
d) They look like they're going to break out into AKB's "Dear my teacher" with those outfits. But Nakky kind of looks...St. Patricks-y. The hair combined with the green does it. Lawl.

prof. wotacraig said...

Yeah I mean if the kids really don't know then it's not their fault,adults whoever they are need to take responsibility for this I think...

And I don't know I felt like Naki was trying to tell us Hitler liked jam doughnuts X)

Bah Hitoraa! :[

chanponchan said...

I take it the other bits you mentioned we're translated from the Japanese writing at the bottom of the screen. As I can't read it...oh well!!!

I personally don't see what all the fuss is about. Hitler was / is a very prominent figure from the last century, and just because the majority of things he did were atrocious, it doesn't mean he shouldn't be brought up. At the time he thought that what he was doing was right - Which is exactly what I think like just before I go to work...

I spoke to one of my colleagues about this last night and she agreed that he was very good at giving speeches and rallying support. So why shouldn't he be 'honoured' for that accolade? I suppose I should've spoken to my other friend (her daughter) though really. Winston Churchill is her hero and she knows a lot of stuff about the war. She's pretty level headed too so I bet she'd have some good things to say about Hitler.

There's plenty of other people who have done terrible things in the past, but they are remembered for other things. Like say...the Romans... They killed and enslaved many to expand their Empire, but we thank them for town planning, straight roads and toga parties!!!

One man's muck is another man's brass is what I say!!!

*gives up...tired*

This whole thing reminds me of a Gary Glitter debate I want to start with someone. I just need to find the right person...

Anonymous said...

Naki is delicious and dreamy!!

paul.thomas said...

The more I see Nakki the more I wonder if she's my favourite C-ute member...she's really giving Erika a run for her money.
This has to be the funniest Yorosen I've seen and I'll certainly be going back to it to watch often, the girls look amazing! Plus the whole Hitler thing had me amused for ages.

Technically I guess Hitler is a great man, I can't think of anyone that could achieve what he did, lol, which is a good thing otherwise we'd all be in trouble. The whole show was all light hearted and I think the main problem could be because of the light heartedness of the whole thing? I've seen many a documentary (my dad is a big WWII buff) and they pretty much say what Nakki does, although no where near as cutely, that he was great at speeches and thought he was short. At the end of the day the only reason that it's causing a reaction is because it's still a recent-ish thing, with people still alive who have lived through it, I guess it can be a bit harsh on them, to see something like this touched on so lightly with good humour and a really cute picture of Hitler.
And to be honest who wants to see the C-ute girls get serious and talk about what an evil guy he was? Kind of take the edge off the humour and cuteness.
Was it worth complaining about? I don't think so, but it seems that recently everybody wants to complain about what's going on on TV, don't people have anything better to do?

An interesting thing is how collectable Nazi things are in Japan...well on saying that everything is collectable in Japan it seems, certainly when walking the streets of Harajuku I've seen the odd nazi sign on the odd punk, but it looked like it's use was solely for fashion than anything else. Also in Akihabara I was completely thrown with the amount of Nazi collectables, guns and uniforms all available to buy.

Anonymous said...

It's very disturbing how little Japanese students are taught of Hitler and his bloody regime.

I know it mostly has to do with the fact that Germany and Japan were allies during the war, and partly because Japan was just as ruthless and cut-throat as the Germans (and they don't know how to teach that to the students), but it's still unsettling. People who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. :/

AJFebuary9 said...

Maimi Don't know Hitler??

Hahaha Imagine if Hitler has a lipstick


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