Ongaku Gatas - Come Together (unfortunately)


The Ongaku Gatas have shown us their 3rd single entitled 'Come together' ... which I find a total sexual reference, but that's probably just me.
A great PV, catchy song and great dance moves ... this latest release lacks all three ... and when I say lacks I actually mean they are non existent.
Although I tend to love most h!p videos by default, this is an exception to the rule.
First lets understand why I think this ...

The PV sucks.

When the Ongaku Gatas released 'Yattaroze!' I didnt think it would be possible to create a video with a lower budget, but 'come together' totally blows that idea, this video consists of two locations, a clear screen background with studio lights and some little room with a table filled with random junk.
While in this room the camera turns on some type of grainy effect which try's to create some kind of informal unrehearsed situation with the girls, this could work if the girls where actually doing anything of interest ... all they seem to do is sit about playing board games and acting mildly goofy, all of these antics seems painfully forced and unnatural, if this part of the video was trying to show the rapport the girls have with each other then it fails spectacularly.
The dance moves to this video are tired and uninspiring, there's not a single movement or gesture that grabs my attention, and I have looked and there's nothing here that we haven't seen 100 times before.
The outfits are ok, the orange jackets are kinda slick but thats about it.
And most importantly the song itself is just weak and forgetful ... seriously ... I watched the video about 10 minutes ago and I cant even remember a single lyric or rhythm, the song just dribbles along without any hooks or stand out moments, I cant even recall any decent solo lines, I really hope their second album steps up the quality because this is a bland affair.
Considering the group has heaver hitters like Charmy and Yossie you would think that this would be made of win ... I can imagine what Yossie must be thinking ...

Yossie: I left Morning Musume for this??? :facepalm:

So yeah I think I've summed up my feelings for this, I really dont like to be too negative but I'm just calling it as I see it, am I being too harsh or do you guys and girls think its also garbage?
I sometimes think Tsunku saves all the good ideas for Berryz Kobo and C-ute.

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If you had the chance to pose with Berryz Kobo what pose would you want to strike? would you want to pose like the dude in the above photo? he looks like a rapist.
I think I would get me and the girls to do a double thumbs up and a cheesy grin ... one day I'll meet them oh yes.

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Risako gets dirty


On one of the latest Berikyuu's Risako Sugaya lends her vocal talents to sing a song called 'Memorable Summer Experience'.
I watched the video a few days ago and found it quite enjoyable, the song sounded interesting and she sang it very well.
But ... after seeing a subbed version of this song my experience of this song has changed radically ... lets read the lyrics ...

I'll give you a girl's most precious thing

I'll give you precious thing held in my small heart

I kept holding it to dedicate to my lover

I wouldnt mind to get dirty

I wouldnt mind to cry

Cause love is blessed

Everyone experiences only once

The alluring honey trap

I'll give you a girl's most precious thing

I'll give you my most precious thing shining with pure tears color

If my lover is pleased I am happy

I wouldnt mind to break down

I wouldnt mind to lose

Cause love is blessed

Everyone experiences only once

The alluring honey trap

Now, although I might have a perverted mind sometimes (most of the time) these lyrics require no second thought to what they actually mean ... but just incase you dont understand ...

a girl's most precious thing - I dont think she's talking about an ipod, dare I say ...virginity?

precious thing held in my small heart - what thing? small heart? girls dont tend to claim they have a small heart do they? ... unless she's talking her small .... 0_o

to dedicate to my lover - now this basically spells it out, she's not talking about her love ... she's talking about her 'lover'.

I wouldnt mind to get dirty - well it always helps when getting into such situations

I wouldnt mind to cry - I guess a girls first time could reduce you to tears ...

Everyone experiences only once - first love? .... or first LOVE?

The alluring honey trap - .................. do I need to say anything? ...SERIOUSLY ...

my most precious thing shining with pure tears color - this line might require a little bit of perveted thinking ... but I'm to much of a gentleman to tell you...

So anway I was highly amused by these lyrics, I think the song itself was written in the 70's, but even then theres no way they could be viewed as innocent and without hidden meaning.
Did Tsunku choose this song? did Risako? ... who knows ... I am aware that there are lots of suggestive lyrics within h!p songs but I really think this breaks all records considering risako is only a mere 14 years of age.

Enjoy the video you perverts ...


Buono! - Gachinko de Ikou!


What seemed like an eternity Buono's! latest video finally popped out onto the internets, I already had a good idea of what to expect anyway because I saw some preview videos and what not.
The PV quite predictably keeps up with its fresh pop pseudo punk style, while this video sticks to all the usual codes and conventions its interesting to note that there are some random females parading around with musical instruments ... I have no idea who the hell these girls are but they are kinda hot so if anyone knows who they are, tell me more ...
Like with previous Buono videos we are treated to some colorful quirky styles, 2 things that stand out for me is ...

1) Airi's hotpants (no explanation needed)


2) Miyabi, DAMN when did she get so hot? did this happen overnight? or have I just been totally blind to her looks? she's looking really sekshii, and her hair is just crazy and awesome at the same time, and speaking from experience girls always tend to do something drastic with their hair when they start a new relationship .... or end one, I'll leave that thought with you.

Why do I always enjoy it so much when the h!p girls wear suits and tie? I have no idea but the girls look super cute in them, Airi really pulls it off, throughout the video she's looking cool and calm, which is quite a different look for her considering most of the time she bouncing around making dorky sounds and eating pig heads.
Momoko has some pretty funny moments, she makes some really happy/crazy faces while playing cards, and it seems that part of the dance routine involves her using the special butt bash attack, you can see her quite clearly throwing her ass side to side.
The only thing that I didn't like about this video was that cheap and tacky buono pop up pirate thing at the end, it looked like it was made by a 5 year old ... yeah I know its a small point so I'll just be quiet now.

Enjoy the video!


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What to do with a girl like Kanna?


Lifted from Dannychoo.com

The idol group ℃-ute recently had a hand-shake-with-fans session after a concert but one of the members Arihara ended up crying after.
The reason was that many fans ignored her when it was their turn to shake hands with her.
One of the given by fans who ignored her was because Arihara had a boy friend and that some of the fans felt betrayed...

Clip of Arihara being ignored below.

[the video is from last year]

I cant help but feel bad for Kanna, although nothing was confirmed by the UFA it was quite clear that Kanna had something going on with that guy.
The video is kinda funny and sad at the same time, I wonder if many people did ignore her? I wonder if there was any truth in the fact that she was crying?
I doubt this news will ever turn into a scandal ... which is a good thing because any drama involving a member effects the group as a whole.


What am I saying?


The 'word cloud' above shows the most commonly used words on this blog, the words that seem to stand out is 'sexy' and 'girl' ... do I use these words that much? I guess writing about sexy girls will have that effect.
Try it out yourself ... all you have to do is punch in your URL and let it work its magic, you can also edit the colours and fonts.


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The looming tower Yurina Kumai


When I first got into berryz kobo Yurina was probably one of the last girls that I noticed which is quite a feat considering her looming height.
But within time she grabbed my attention for a number of reasons :

1. She is a very good vocalist, she also is considered one of berry'z lead singers, although she might not get as much screen time as Risako or Miyabi, her voice gets a prominent front seat, and quite rightly so.

2. Her maturity, a majority of the berry'z girls are bat shit crazy, yet Yurina always seems to retain her feminine and reserved side, she always seems to be there just looking cool and going with the flow.

3. Her looks, while admittidly she dosen't seem to compare alongside Risako or Miyabi ... I consider her to have the ultimate 'girl next door' vibe going on.
Thankfully there isn't a girl next door that looks like her ... because no doubt she face a constant onslaught of my affection and 'wooing'.

I only found out the other day it was her 15th birthday ... I seriously thought she was close to 16 ... crazy.

Anyway Yurina is now always in my eyes now, and I'm curious if she will ever get a second photobook ... seems a shame to waste such beauty.
Here is a download link for her first photobook (crypticly entitled 'Yurina') its quite lovely indeed.



It turns out that over 8000 people cheered and wished Yurina a happy birthday at the 'Hello! Project 2008 Summer concert'.
How awesome must that feel?