Buono! - Gachinko de Ikou!


What seemed like an eternity Buono's! latest video finally popped out onto the internets, I already had a good idea of what to expect anyway because I saw some preview videos and what not.
The PV quite predictably keeps up with its fresh pop pseudo punk style, while this video sticks to all the usual codes and conventions its interesting to note that there are some random females parading around with musical instruments ... I have no idea who the hell these girls are but they are kinda hot so if anyone knows who they are, tell me more ...
Like with previous Buono videos we are treated to some colorful quirky styles, 2 things that stand out for me is ...

1) Airi's hotpants (no explanation needed)


2) Miyabi, DAMN when did she get so hot? did this happen overnight? or have I just been totally blind to her looks? she's looking really sekshii, and her hair is just crazy and awesome at the same time, and speaking from experience girls always tend to do something drastic with their hair when they start a new relationship .... or end one, I'll leave that thought with you.

Why do I always enjoy it so much when the h!p girls wear suits and tie? I have no idea but the girls look super cute in them, Airi really pulls it off, throughout the video she's looking cool and calm, which is quite a different look for her considering most of the time she bouncing around making dorky sounds and eating pig heads.
Momoko has some pretty funny moments, she makes some really happy/crazy faces while playing cards, and it seems that part of the dance routine involves her using the special butt bash attack, you can see her quite clearly throwing her ass side to side.
The only thing that I didn't like about this video was that cheap and tacky buono pop up pirate thing at the end, it looked like it was made by a 5 year old ... yeah I know its a small point so I'll just be quiet now.

Enjoy the video!


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MorningBerryz said...

LOL! Do girls really change their hairstyle when relationship woes occur?!! :P Miya was always so striking that my mom even commented more than once while passing by my laptop...."this girl has stunning looks"...^ ^ I'm now beginning to imagine that Maimichan's wardrobe is exclusively filled with 'hot pants'... :O Ah I want to hit play, I want to hit play....will I be able to resist?!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi! Im just wonderin if you have any links of the Dance Shot Version of this that i can watch high-def :D thx

Shirow said...

^ I dont think I've uploaded it yet, if you keep an eye on my veoh profile it should pop up within a few days.