Ongaku Gatas - Come Together (unfortunately)


The Ongaku Gatas have shown us their 3rd single entitled 'Come together' ... which I find a total sexual reference, but that's probably just me.
A great PV, catchy song and great dance moves ... this latest release lacks all three ... and when I say lacks I actually mean they are non existent.
Although I tend to love most h!p videos by default, this is an exception to the rule.
First lets understand why I think this ...

The PV sucks.

When the Ongaku Gatas released 'Yattaroze!' I didnt think it would be possible to create a video with a lower budget, but 'come together' totally blows that idea, this video consists of two locations, a clear screen background with studio lights and some little room with a table filled with random junk.
While in this room the camera turns on some type of grainy effect which try's to create some kind of informal unrehearsed situation with the girls, this could work if the girls where actually doing anything of interest ... all they seem to do is sit about playing board games and acting mildly goofy, all of these antics seems painfully forced and unnatural, if this part of the video was trying to show the rapport the girls have with each other then it fails spectacularly.
The dance moves to this video are tired and uninspiring, there's not a single movement or gesture that grabs my attention, and I have looked and there's nothing here that we haven't seen 100 times before.
The outfits are ok, the orange jackets are kinda slick but thats about it.
And most importantly the song itself is just weak and forgetful ... seriously ... I watched the video about 10 minutes ago and I cant even remember a single lyric or rhythm, the song just dribbles along without any hooks or stand out moments, I cant even recall any decent solo lines, I really hope their second album steps up the quality because this is a bland affair.
Considering the group has heaver hitters like Charmy and Yossie you would think that this would be made of win ... I can imagine what Yossie must be thinking ...

Yossie: I left Morning Musume for this??? :facepalm:

So yeah I think I've summed up my feelings for this, I really dont like to be too negative but I'm just calling it as I see it, am I being too harsh or do you guys and girls think its also garbage?
I sometimes think Tsunku saves all the good ideas for Berryz Kobo and C-ute.

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Dran said...

Blogged about this, myself, when the radio rips were released.

Song put me to sleep (I'm actually serious). I feel that I lost whatever interest I had in Gatas there and then.

Anonymous said...

Gatas is definitely crumbling. Too bad Yossie and Konkon are there to feel it too.

MorningBerryz said...

OUCH!!! LOL! but I love your Manoeri photo!!!! :)

Vee said...

You forgot to mention the random and inexplicable shots of children playing with a water hose. WTF.

Shirow said...

^ Yeah totally ... it didnt fit in at all ... it was like blam! random shots ... then back to a crappy pv.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I recently discovered J-pop. I love it! I don't understand Japanese, so for me, it's all about the musicality & dancing, which is fantastic! About a month ago, I discovered Ongaku Gatas. I love their work and am sad they are already gone.

I wish music critics would focus on the positive things about artists work. Of course all the dance steps were un-original. It was suppose to be that way! "Come Together!" was Beatles, 60's retro.

That is one big reason I now love J-pop! The dancing is all out of the American rock scene from the 60's onward.

I loathe critics. Your critique may make money for you, but here you have plainly put other people out of work.