My thoughts on recent stuff ...

Probably the most interesting news this week is about the new Taiwanese group called 'Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu' ... although this might sound like some awesome drug it does infact mean 'Ice cream musume'.
The group consists of 6 girls with names I can barely even pronounce ... to make things a little easier Ive taken the liberty of giving them all nicknames (in the bold text), if Tsunku wants to use them he can do so at the right price

Wú Sī Xuán (wu wu)

Zhōng An Qí (kiwi)

Céng Dé Píng (ping pong)

Zhào "LightBulb" Guó Róng (rong dongs)

Lán Ai Zi (erm ... zi-zoo)

Gǔ Yún (yun yun)

They all look kinda cute and after looking through some of their videos they certainly show alot of potential ... but lets keep in mind that Tsunku chose the girls so no doubt they must have some talent .. who the hell am I to question Tsunku???
So anyway I was looking through the videos of them all and I came across this (no not like that) ... ladies and gentleman may I introduce to you Yun Yun! she's bendy! she's 12 years old! and she's singing a song about her ass!

Did you notice the lyrics when the camera showed Tsunku?

What you gon' do wit all that breast?
All that breast inside that shirt?

What indeed, I'm sure Tsunku will show us soon .. the perverted genius.

Anyway in other news Ogawa Mana (the girl from Canaria Club) has bought out a new single called 'Suppin Rock' ... I dont really know much about Ogawa other than she has some funky hair, and after listening to this single a few times I'm in total love with her voice, listen to her single below or watch the PV!

Suppin Rock - Ogawa Mana

Yesterday I saw the most amazing picture ever ...
its like Risako is trying to ride her Saki bike!


Evil Risako is killing Captain Saki while evil Momo stands there looking all evil and stuff, for those that don't know its from their stage play called 'Berryz VS Berryz' ... I just know this will be amazing.
Another photo I saw that deserves a mention is this ...

Kappa Airi !!! ... how adorable is this photo? and wait ... its about to get more awesome .. you can buy that costume! its called a 'Kigurumi' and retails for ¥7,500 ($76)

Buy it from here!

There was some other things I wanted to talk about but I'll save them for another post, bye!



Oh hello whats this? ... new Risako photos?

Whats that? I should change my blog into a Risako worship blog?

... I've thought about it but its not very catchy.

Ahh ... Risako ... the alluring honey trap ... the pudding of puddings.
It seems that alot of my posts contain a fair amount of Risako photos ... this post will be no different.
Risako Sugaya's digital photobook has just been released and surprise surprise ... ITS EXTREMELY RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS.
We get to see 118 previously unseen photos from her first and second photobooks, it makes me wonder how many actual photos do exist, no doubt literal thousands will be sat on some lucky photographers computer, it must be a very hard task to select the final photos to be published though, if I had my way the photobooks would be about 3 inches thick, a man can dream.
Now let me show you some previews ...

Risako looking just like a doll, a beautiful shot and a flawless complexion.

Its surprising that these photos of Risako in a red bikini didn't even feature at all in her second photobook.

Am I alone in thinking this photo is slightly suggestive?

It's still hard to believe that she is STILL only 14 ... not that it matters.

She has the ability to fix her gaze upon you and leave you motionless ... much like a snake before claiming its prey ... wait what?

A cute photo from her 1st photobook.

There are quite a few photos of her in swimwear ... oh no!

Soooooo anyway here is the photobook, download it and enjoy!


Risako Bukake armpit ipod perverts


Well let me explain, to track the stats on this blog I like to use blog patrol because not only does it track the most obvious stats like hits and Referrers, it also gives me a list of words that people punch into search engines, the following words in red are the exact words that people used to find this place, lets have a look at some of them ...

yurina kumai a lesbian?

She is? well no ... maybe, I'm sure this could be used for some perverted fan fiction? ... just an idea.

risako sugaya undressed

This isn't that surprising really, you don't have to go far to see her in various states of undress

is kanna a girl?

... LOL WUT ... I certainly hope so but at times she can forget her idol like manners.

c-ute perverted Maimi Chisato

Maimi and Chisato are far too innocent for such filth! ... fan fiction anyone?

kusumi koharu upskirt

I guess this is a typical search term, photos probably exist somewhere ... but not here (for now).

mobile obama japan phone monkey anime

Yep ... I have no idea either ... but if there was an anime like this I'm sure it would be awesome.

how to say lol in japanese?

umm ... I'm guessing you would say 'ROL' ?

miyabi chunk free videos

yeah ... I'm sick of all those videos with extra Miyabi chunks also

berryz risako fat

This is quite a common term lately, there are some unflattering photos of her about ... but after much 'research' I can assure you she isnt.

koharu racist

My Japanese teacher says that a majority a Japanese people are racist ... so who knows? its hard to think such a sweet girl could be capable of such thoughts ...

Yajima Maimi shorts

This is relevant to my interests ... infact it was probably me who searched for this.

risako sugaya pervert

So someone types this term and finds my blog ... coincidence? no ... I think that's a fair description of me.

i hate airi suzuki

WHAT!? how on Earth could someone be so heartless!?! ... theres nothing to hate about the girl.

airi suzuki r.i.p

All this negativity makes Airi MAD!!!!

berryz armpit

I guess we all have our fetishes ... have at it.

miyabi natsuyaki sexy pic

You really dont have to go far to find sexy pics of Miyabi ... because there all kinda sexy ^^

risako berryz getting fat

Again with the fat issue ... she isnt!!!! there just bad photos damn it!!!

maasa sudo fat

I have to admit that Maasa isnt a skinny rake like Koharu or Airi but she is still a slim healthy girl ... but she will hurt you.

risako bukake

... I really hope people don't mean Risako Sugaya! ... maybe they mean the Japanese porno stars Risako Mamiya or Risako Konno?

takahashi ai bum

Yeah! these are my kinda search terms!!

rock like fuck momoko

Looking at her new photobook previews it would certainly seem so ... rock on Momoko!

suzuki airi boring

... She is? ... no she isn't.

Aika creepy

Erm ... I guess at times she can seem like it ... lols

Maasa bukake

After looking around I cant find any Adult stars called Maasa ... I guess Bukake is a popular pastime in Japan?

Momo peach ipod

I have no idea what one is but I want it.

Why is Saki awesome?

I have no idea why but don't you dare question her.

Tanaka reina has skinny legs

She really does, that girl needs to eat some hamburgers or something.

So there you have it ... most of the terms I see are just plain strange, but they amuse me no end, I'll probably do a future post like this and update all the weird and wonderful search terms that come to me.
Do any other fellow h!p bloggers get pervy words also?