Risako Loves Fantasy...


The latest episodes of Yorosen! have got alot more spicy now that Berryz Kobo have taken over.
The teacher of the class is the delectable Risako Sugaya ... not only is she sweet, shy and smexy she comes complete with the cutest black frilly lace witches outfit complete with pointy hat ...


And it gets much better ... long knee high leather boots ... XD


Risako tells the class that they will be learning about the world of fantasy ... she then confesses that she 'loves fantasy' .... *nosebleed*


Throughout the 5 episodes of Yorosen! (20-25) she acts as a very clumsy shy and at times dominant teacher.
The other Berryz girls constantly make remarks about her teaching method and forgetfulness .
There are many many moments of WIN within, one of the coolest and cutest parts is when Risako tries to 'Shush!!!' the class because they are being noisy ...


She then looks up at the class and takes aim ...


And unleashes the cutest DEATH GLARE upon her students


She then turns away and gives herself a smile of satisfaction ...


Another funny part is when Saki gets the highest test score and wins a troll


She looks so happy!!!


Another thing I found very funny ... and I must admit you have to have a quick eye for this ... did you notice all the girls had customized their white shoes? it was tricky to get decent screen caps of this because the camera hardly gave a decent shot,

Miyabi has written her name in the alphabet


Saki's shoes were hardly picked up but I'm sure that her left shoe has the Kana さ (Sa) and on the right shoe き (ki).


Chinami went crazy and colored her shoes red ...


Agian its really hard to see but I think Momoko has written もも(momo) along each of her shoe straps


Yurina's shoes are really colorful and creative, her name written complete with stars


I've been watching and uploading all of the Yorosen! episodes onto veoh, feel free to watch all of them here.
If you wanna get hold of subbed episodes then please check out www.hello-fansubs.com
Also one last thing .. I think Riskao must follow some type of magic or wicca ... you decide ...



Rad said...

Hmm. No. 1, why is Risako all that? She's just ... sort of average, if you ask me. As for the shoes ... that's why C-ute still outclasses Berryz in my humble view.

Anonymous said...

^ Why not?

Risako in this black outfit is causing problems with my mind. I love it <333

I haven't watched all of these yet, especially with subs. So this is my task this week coming.

The shoes are lol. But Morning Musume's shoes were better. Smexy FTW!

Shirow said...

@ Rad

Risako is a total heart breaker and in my eyes a very desirable girl, I find her dorky and I enjoy her singing voice, I think 'outclasses' is a fairly loose term, but I prefare the Berryz compared to any other group going at the minute.

@ Lolli

You need to DL and watch them all! ...MM shoes were kinda smexy ... but the berryz shoes are just quirky and cute :3

Anonymous said...

@ Rad
3 photobooks does not an average girl make.

Craig said...

Excellent observations, I really apreciate your observations here.

Wendy said...

Oh lord, I freaking love Risako.

I loved her week. She was such a cute teacher.

TIMMII said...

I watch the Berry's episodes at least 5 times each (Captain's 20+), but you are crazy, really.

I didn't notice they wrote their name on the shoe.

Portal Space said...

She was so hot in this daaaaaaaaaaaamn

AJFerbuary9 said...


I want Risako to be my teacher :)