My thoughts on recent stuff ...

Probably the most interesting news this week is about the new Taiwanese group called 'Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu' ... although this might sound like some awesome drug it does infact mean 'Ice cream musume'.
The group consists of 6 girls with names I can barely even pronounce ... to make things a little easier Ive taken the liberty of giving them all nicknames (in the bold text), if Tsunku wants to use them he can do so at the right price

Wú Sī Xuán (wu wu)

Zhōng An Qí (kiwi)

Céng Dé Píng (ping pong)

Zhào "LightBulb" Guó Róng (rong dongs)

Lán Ai Zi (erm ... zi-zoo)

Gǔ Yún (yun yun)

They all look kinda cute and after looking through some of their videos they certainly show alot of potential ... but lets keep in mind that Tsunku chose the girls so no doubt they must have some talent .. who the hell am I to question Tsunku???
So anyway I was looking through the videos of them all and I came across this (no not like that) ... ladies and gentleman may I introduce to you Yun Yun! she's bendy! she's 12 years old! and she's singing a song about her ass!

Did you notice the lyrics when the camera showed Tsunku?

What you gon' do wit all that breast?
All that breast inside that shirt?

What indeed, I'm sure Tsunku will show us soon .. the perverted genius.

Anyway in other news Ogawa Mana (the girl from Canaria Club) has bought out a new single called 'Suppin Rock' ... I dont really know much about Ogawa other than she has some funky hair, and after listening to this single a few times I'm in total love with her voice, listen to her single below or watch the PV!

Suppin Rock - Ogawa Mana

Yesterday I saw the most amazing picture ever ...
its like Risako is trying to ride her Saki bike!


Evil Risako is killing Captain Saki while evil Momo stands there looking all evil and stuff, for those that don't know its from their stage play called 'Berryz VS Berryz' ... I just know this will be amazing.
Another photo I saw that deserves a mention is this ...

Kappa Airi !!! ... how adorable is this photo? and wait ... its about to get more awesome .. you can buy that costume! its called a 'Kigurumi' and retails for ¥7,500 ($76)

Buy it from here!

There was some other things I wanted to talk about but I'll save them for another post, bye!


Chobi said...

OMFG that video of Yun Yun (or whatever her name is) had me laughing my ass off! Shit, can that girl dance!

Julia said...

Gu Yun sure is a damn good dancer! She's my favourite member of the group already and they haven't even released anything yet. I love Lightbulb, too, because her rendition of that Ayaya song was real cute.

I can't really get into that Ogawa Mana song, but she definitely has a great voice.

KirarinSnow said...

Uh... that is not the same costume....

Shirow said...

^ It's the same one she wore in Berrikyu ;)

KirarinSnow said...

Uh... I just looked at Berikyuu episodes 64 and 67 ... and the kappa suit is different from either of ones shown in this post... O_o

Misa said...

I don't think it really matters tbh. Its still a kappa costume.

Shirow said...

Yeah I'll go with what Misa said, KAPPA FTW

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to hear the first release from Ice Cream Musume. If it's shit...I probably won't follow them. I'm thinking of JUST sticking to Morning Musume at the minute, so we'll see if they can tempt me. They already failed though because Crazy Risa Fan wasn't picked for the group. I would've been her number one UK fan if she was XD

Cool Kappa outfit!!! I still want to get the Dinosaur one that sorta looks like what Risa wore when Morning Musume had a sleep over. Maybe after Xmas ^^

TIMMII said...

- What risako said to captain was "Next time you get to eat -yakiniku- during the show, you need to SHARE!!"

- I Love the kappa suit though, but it might be cutest when it is wore by AIRI.