What makes you a Wota? ...

Midori from Midori’s J-pop Overanalyzations has put together a checklist so we can all analyze our fandom ... while this might seem like fun it probably offers a deep psychological insight ... probably ... but anyway here's my answers:

• You can name and/or recognize half or more of the AKB48 research students or H!P Eggs:

Although I do have an interest in AKB48 I'm not very knowledgeable on hardly any of the 'research students'.
I do know some of the eggs though ... some of my favorite girls are Fukuda Kanon and Maeda Yuuka.

• You own at least 10 photos of your favorite idol:

Guilty, I own probably just over 400 photos of various idols, the photos I own most of are Chinami Tokunaga, Maasa Sudo and Takahashi Ai.

• You buy t-shirts advertising your favorite idol/idol group and wear them on a regular basis. If you're a man 25+, you don't feel any about this:

I own about 10 h!p t-shirts and wear some of them on a regular basis, I dont wear the shirts that have bright colours though, I have a Miyabi shirt that is a horrible turquoise blue.
I'm 26 and feel zero regret or embarrasment, thats how I roll and its awww right.

• You know all of your favorite idol's stats by heart:

Nope! idol stats don't really interest me that much, knowing a girls blood type or if she likes eggplants is kinda pointless in my opinion, I do enjoy finding out little facts about the girls, but I don't memorize this stuff.

• Whenever anyone insults your favorite idol or idol group, you immediately come to their defense... even if you know you're b.s.ing half your compliments. (i.e. "They're good singers!" "She can dance well!" "She has more personality than [insert some famous TV personality here]" "They're NOT ugly!":

Alot of people do bash Koharu a fair bit, but when you look at their reasons for doing so their 'arguments' fall apart.
I respect most peoples opinions on idols but I cant really tolerate aimless bashing.
Also it depends who's doing the bashing ... Lolli likes to tell me that Maimi dances like a retard ... of course this accusation is false and baseless so I take it on the chin.

• You have spent more than you make a day on idol goods:

God yes, I'm not sure how much I've spent in one go but its ALOT.

• You can recognize all of your favorite idols' voices:

I can recognize all of Morning Musume's, Berryz Kobo's and C-ute's voices which took me a while to do.

• You have almost a stalkerish obsession with wanting to meet them or even just see them in person:

I would sell both my lungs to be able to attend a handshake event or something like that, I wouldn't call it 'stalkerish obsession' at all, I wouldn't stalk anyone because its just super creepy and Wota's have enough negativity attached to them already.

• You hear someone say something that remotely sounds like your favorite idol's name and you immediately assume they're also a wota:

Hmm not really, although I do see items in stores that remind me of idols, I recently saw a lampshade that was called 'Massa' which of course reminded me of Maasa.
There was also some deodorant I bought that's called 'Maiami' which at the time I thought it was called 'Maimi' ... it smells fruity.

• You heavily anticipate any news from your idol:

absolutely!!! what fan doesn't? I'm currently anticipating Maimi's third photobook .... oohh yeah.

• You have sent fan-mail:

Nope, not yet at least, I'm tempted to send an email to Maimi's radio show ... but I'm gonna brush up on my Japanese skills before I do so.

• Your favorite idol appears in your dreams more than once:

I've had numerous dreams about various idols, yet most of them have been random and pointless ... I do know a certain girl that has pervy dreams all the time ... yet I cant mention her name.

• You have wondered what would happen if your idol dated you. (Mainly for guys, but if we include Johnnys here:

I have wondered at times how an idol would act as a girlfriend, which I'm sure she would act like any other girlfriend (mostly).
I haven't thought about an idol dating me because that's just far too silly and immature to a degree.

• Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/immediate family has learned to deal with your obsession long ago.

Being currently single I have the freedom to worship my idols in peace ... although if a girl came along I would lay the law down ... idols >>>> you

• If your favorite idol is suspended/fired/retired/graduated/has no work with their agency/other you check more than two sources of possible info everyday and accept any rumors about his/her return to be true immediately.

I've already been through this turmoil as when I first got into h!p I was totally dedicated to Kago Aibon, after her millionth scandal I couldn't take it anymore ... I no longer follow her new career, I cant stand scandals ... even when there kinda juicy and fun.

• You have at least 3 photobooks or DVDs of your favorite idol:

I sure do, and I hope to own more when possible, they look good on the book shelf.

• You could colorcode a song sung by AKB48 O.o (I'm afraid of those who can!)

Not at all, I hardly know all the girls names from AKB48 ... although Berryz Kobo is a different issue.

• You do fandubs, cosplays, or fandances of your favorite idol or idol group:

If I was a cute girl I would probably do stuff like this ... I know some of the dance moves but I never find the time to use them ...

• You make birthday and worship posts on a blog/forum

Ummmmm ..... I guess XD

• You don't take the cheap route and buy your idol's songs from iTunes or another mp3 site, you spend the money to order every edition of the CD/DVD:

I don't buy mp3's at all, if I'm gonna buy h!p related music I want to physically own it.

I think I scored about 10 and a 1/2 out of 20 .... maybe I should try harder?

[also please be aware that the picture above is not me ... or is it???]


Anonymous said...

you are fucking hilarious! I love yur blog!

jim said...

I go with "you know what wota means".

Eloy said...

I especially liked the part of selling your two lungs.It was really funny.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. It's funny reading your answers.

I think if the questions were more pervy or geared towards fapping, then you'd score 100%. But then these questions are someone else's perspective on what it takes to be a harcore Wota. Everyone's thoughts on this are different so...

But guess what? You're 100% Wota in my book *high fives*

P.S. Maimi does dance like a retard. It's the truth!!!

Rick said...

good this article helped alot. Thought that I may be one but never got a good description. So about 25% wota.
@chanponchan: Maimi is awsome and can totally dance great and has a beautiful voice(and body)....kay maybe closer to 40%.

ray said...

You are sick and disgusting; just like me. Nice to know you

Portal Space said...

I know what you mean. I was a hardcore Kago fan when I first discovered H!P. She is still overall my favorite idol. But if I want celebrity gossip I'd read my own country's tabloids. Her life and career now don't interest me. It's not me abandoning her because I sincerely hope she does well, but her current career just doesn't interest me.

I also passed a church with the words Erie on it and instantly thought of Kamei. /shrug it's like a disease

Setsuna said...

hahaha that's so funny
Its hard to follow these guidelines...

Sell my two lungs,just to have a shakehand...
How can I shake my hands with them if I don't have a lungs anymore...I will die..

But because of these guidelines...
I consider you to be their best fan