What do you think?

So I was just checking out Satoda Mai's blog and found a rather interesting picture ...

Now this might seem like a standard group shot (which it is) but if you look a little closer ...

I don't wanna sound like captain obvious so I'll let you all guess what Miyabi's shirt says.
If anyone can fully confirm its text with photographic proof then I will send them 10 H!P photos of their choosing.
I love me some random Engrish.


Also if anyone could find more pictures of Miyabi in this 'interesting' top ... do it for great justice.


Awards/gifts and babbles

The photo above was taken today while I was strolling around town shopping, I'm not sure what it means but it was in a Chinese herbal shop so it's probably related to some type of Viagra.
There's lots of little things that make me think of H!P, bananas remind me of Jun Jun, peaches remind me of Momoko and now the Morning musume single 'man power' will now remind me of erectile dysfunction (personally I find that Yajimi Maimi remedies this ailment).
Anyway moving swiftly on there's a few thing I wanna babble about, first up is ...

I stumbled home drunk last night after a heavy drinking session, when I logged on to #Wotachat everyone was congratulating me on winning, being drunk at the time I was probably like ''LOL WAT FGSDSDCHCTRTFUCKYEAHSEAKING!11CDH'' but after a good sleep and a cup of tea my coherency returned and I can honestly say I'm totally stunned and thankful to everyone that voted for me, this blog is almost coming to its first birthday so I think its a really cool achievement, or as my friend would say 'achievement unlocked!!' when something good happens.
Once again a huge thanks for the people that voted and for IW for hosting it all, winning this award not only makes me all warm and fuzzy inside it also makes me wanna become a better blogger and remain fresh and entertaining.
Next up is even more good stuff, I received 2 mystery packages in the mail ...

A curious package sent to me from fellow blogger Lolli ... what could it be?

oh hello ...

OH YEAH!!! Momoko's third photobook!!

It's totally delicious and much win is within, it will look lovely on my book shelf next to her previous 2 photobooks, thanks so much Lolli! <3
Next is a package from Morning Berryz

A box from Hawaii ...

what have we here?

Momoko scarf!!!

A comparison with the previous years scarf, will UP FRONT INTERNATIONAL act in any different way than the agency? probably not.

So now I have another scarf to add to my collection, I never actually wear these things because I don't want to ruin them, I just like to keep them stored away in a safe place, massive thanks to MB for the gift! totally appreciated.

For years I've used PC's but a while back I decided to splash out and get an imac (which is totally awesomes) the imac comes with a 'mighty mouse' as standard ...

After a few months of using it I can honestly say its absolute garbage, the actual shape of the mouse hurts your hand after a while because it fails to have a natural design that your hand can rest on, your hand is always in a mild stress postion (for me at least).
The lack of a right click button is a pain in the arse also because it forces me to use the apple key constantly AND that little roller ball always fails to work no matter how much I clean it or use pressurized air canisters on it, I gave it a shot ... it failed me, so now I move forward with ...

I got this wireless optical mouse for the bargain price of £9 and it works like a dream, very smooth feels natural and comes with enough buttons

If you are using a 'mighty mouse' then I suggest you throw it in the fire and purchase one of these babys, it totally gets the 'Shirow seal of approval'.

And one last thing ...

Does having a hello kitty phone charm make me a complete weeaboo?


Recent loot

My H!P merchandise has taken a fairly massive nose dive in regards to buying, I just don't seem to have the cash right now ... I'll be sure to get back into the habit shortly though, so for now I'll update my GETS.

First up is a collection of C-ute Forever Love photos ...

I hope you don't mind if I post some close up shots, these are really awesome

Clearly I love the Maimi photos, but I love this one most of all.

And all new photos now have the words UP FRONT INTERNATIONAL instead of UP FRONT AGENCY.

Even though she's grown up lots Mai Mai is still very adorable.

Airi ALWAYS looks amazing.

Chisato is looking very mature recently.

Got a nice big (B2?) group photo.

Collection from the Berryz VS Berryz.

Maasa is so cheeky.

I'm in total love with the 'evil' Berryz set.

Maasa with tight leather gloves seems very appropriate.

Since I have some type of photo addiction I need to take good care of them, I know there are official holders you can buy but I store mine in these handy photo holders, each album can hold up to 100 photos

As you can see they keep the photos in order (and wipe clean)

But I found an even cheaper way to keep them in perfect condition, these are photo holders I picked up from ASDA (wal-mart) at a bargain price of 50p each

As you can see these holders can hold the standard type photos and the slightly larger type

I also managed to get hold of an awesome Berryz Chi phone strap

The little picture of her is so sweet

The 3 plastic things attached are kinda large and have sharp edges so I have taken them off

Also got a Berryz concert t-shirt

The writing on the shirt is covered in glitter...

The back of the shirt has all the tour dates (as expected) please excuse my poor camera skills.

Next up is UTB magazine which was very kindly sent to me from fellow wota Rick

Every page is just filled with cute delicious girlys


Each page you turn it just gets better and better ...

This girl is beautiful, yes I know the photos I take are kinda poor BUT there's no way in hell I'm gonna rip apart the magazine and scan it

Oh hi Mano Erina

The magazine also features fun little sections with tips and help from various idols ... I would love some delicious cake

Even Erika and Airi get a little section

Captain Saki <3

The main reason why I wanted this magazine so much was because Maimi has a glossy spread in it, I'm in total awe of the photos

Maimi >>>>>> other idols

And I think that's all I got recently, I'm not sure when I'll be buying things again because I have some other financial commitments (which I'll be talking about soon).
Of course if I see anymore delicious Maimi photos I'm bound to pick them up.