International Wota Awards!

Oh hi, just to inform everyone that International Wota are now allowing people to vote for their favorite blogs of 2008.
I have been nominated for:

Best new blog
Best eye candy blog
Best H!P Blog

I'm really quite happy to of even been nominated, there is alot of competition because blogs I'm up against are awesome blogs.
Just to be clear I'm not gonna push anyone into voting for me, there is a great selection of people worthy for the numerous awards so I hope you can all vote honestly and swiftly!
Pengie has set up a really simple drop down form so picking your votes is a very very simple affair, please VOTE HERE!

GO GO GO !!!


Rick said...

You got my vote

Anonymous said...

As you know, I tried to vote for you but I couldn't not vote for other categories :(

You would've had my vote if I could.

Dran said...

You get my vote too. Perhaps one day I'll have to compete with you. But even then I suspect I would still vote for your blog. XD

Good luck, dude. :)

Shurastriker said...

delicious Maimi blog was nominated, awesome!

Shirow said...

Any votes are greatly appreciated <3

misa said...

Congrats on winning Shirow <3
You definitely deserve it
Now we go head to head! Best established blog next yr??