Recent loot

My H!P merchandise has taken a fairly massive nose dive in regards to buying, I just don't seem to have the cash right now ... I'll be sure to get back into the habit shortly though, so for now I'll update my GETS.

First up is a collection of C-ute Forever Love photos ...

I hope you don't mind if I post some close up shots, these are really awesome

Clearly I love the Maimi photos, but I love this one most of all.

And all new photos now have the words UP FRONT INTERNATIONAL instead of UP FRONT AGENCY.

Even though she's grown up lots Mai Mai is still very adorable.

Airi ALWAYS looks amazing.

Chisato is looking very mature recently.

Got a nice big (B2?) group photo.

Collection from the Berryz VS Berryz.

Maasa is so cheeky.

I'm in total love with the 'evil' Berryz set.

Maasa with tight leather gloves seems very appropriate.

Since I have some type of photo addiction I need to take good care of them, I know there are official holders you can buy but I store mine in these handy photo holders, each album can hold up to 100 photos

As you can see they keep the photos in order (and wipe clean)

But I found an even cheaper way to keep them in perfect condition, these are photo holders I picked up from ASDA (wal-mart) at a bargain price of 50p each

As you can see these holders can hold the standard type photos and the slightly larger type

I also managed to get hold of an awesome Berryz Chi phone strap

The little picture of her is so sweet

The 3 plastic things attached are kinda large and have sharp edges so I have taken them off

Also got a Berryz concert t-shirt

The writing on the shirt is covered in glitter...

The back of the shirt has all the tour dates (as expected) please excuse my poor camera skills.

Next up is UTB magazine which was very kindly sent to me from fellow wota Rick

Every page is just filled with cute delicious girlys


Each page you turn it just gets better and better ...

This girl is beautiful, yes I know the photos I take are kinda poor BUT there's no way in hell I'm gonna rip apart the magazine and scan it

Oh hi Mano Erina

The magazine also features fun little sections with tips and help from various idols ... I would love some delicious cake

Even Erika and Airi get a little section

Captain Saki <3

The main reason why I wanted this magazine so much was because Maimi has a glossy spread in it, I'm in total awe of the photos

Maimi >>>>>> other idols

And I think that's all I got recently, I'm not sure when I'll be buying things again because I have some other financial commitments (which I'll be talking about soon).
Of course if I see anymore delicious Maimi photos I'm bound to pick them up.


solo-kun said...

Love those C-ute outfits.

I need to invest in some photo holders. Aside from the ones I have framed on the wall, the others are just neatly packed away, not accessible for easy viewing.

I also have the Chii phone strap. Don't have a phone to attach it to tho.

T!MM!! said...


Rick said...

love the C-ute pics. How much did they cost? and who did you get them through?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everyone else and say that those C-ute suit photos are AWESOME.

I wish I had got me some of them now. Dang saving money...

Shirow said...

@ Solo

chii phone strap for FTW! ... and you dont have a phone? thats crazy talk.

@ Rick

To be honest I cannot remember how much I paid, I got Gordo from H!O to get me these photos while he was in Japan for a few months, he didnt really make a profit from me, all I can suggest is pestering Ohta on ebay for some :)

@ Lolli

I think you have a fair share of awesome photos in your collection ;)

Kyon said...

Hey! Where were you able to get T shirts? I kinda have headaches trying to find them :(

Silverglade said...

Hey Shirow! Thanks for the Maasa coverage. When you get a chance I got a vid for ya. ;) You will like.

paul.thomas said...

Nice lot of photos you got there! Was so tempted to get the C-ute suit set, they just look amazing...I just love Nakki in a suit!

Ah, so these are what you're using! I need to get me some of them my folder is full to the brim and i have a small pile building up on my side and I'm stressing I'll get fingers prints and shit (not literally shit :S) on them!

Gina said...

50p photo albums?! Good thing I'm heading to Asda tomorow...
Those photo sets are awesome, I especially like the evil Berryz photos :)

Rick said...

Hey, I didn't see you post over at Pauls blog on the latest UTB(last month) so I'm not shure if you saw that Maimi has another photo set in that issue as well. I recently started a subscription at a Japanese book store in Seattle.She has an amazing close up. The woman is absolutely stunning.
Ps I'm hateing Google. It never accepts my password on the first half dozen trys.

Shirow said...

^ Yeah I saw that photo shoot, its quite stunning, I'm thinking of getting some type of subscription if possible.
Also I have issues from time to time signing into google ... but most of the time its because I have too many email addys and passwords :/

maimai_luver said...

hey where did you get those C-ute pictures? because I'm gonna ask my mom to buy me those pictures in Japan (if you can even find them) or did you just print them if the computer?