IceCream Musume ... is this awesome? (Y/N)

What the bloody hell? it only seems like 4 minutes ago since these girls were thrown together, and now they have their very own debut single ... is it anygood? ... well lets just say its mixed.
Personally the song is medicore and the PV is fairly typical but it has its charms ... I when I say 'charms' I actually mean 'Gǔ Yún' who now has a new name Guuchan ... she's quite the dish indeed

Lets put her age aside for the time being (or not) but I think she might be key factor in making this group successful, oh sure the other other girls are quite adorable but Guuchan has that PIZAZ (or whatever) and don't forget that she has the moves.
Icecream Musume have recently acquired a blog where each girl has their own section ... like most idol blogs it contains pointless bits of information on what they ate for lunch and other such nonsense, I do appreciate the random photos they post though ... like Peipei talking about getting her hair chopped off

Her management FORCED her to do this! (probably)

OK seriously I think this will end up on ebay or something, but the important question is ... would you buy it? and how much?

Oh look a delicious cake ...

Uhh anyway back to the topic at hand ... the PV, like I said its a fairly simplistic affair so I'll just throw a few caps and random remarks out there to give you a jist ...

Matching winter outfits FTW ... even though it must be a pain in the arse to dance in

the obligatory Hitler salute

Chu! ... I still need to learn the girls names (again)

Although its only a simple white background its fairly effective in conveying the winter feeling across

Even though the dance routine is fairly simplistic its done very well indeed, I look forward to more energetic performances in the future, I guess you can't really do much dancing in those big bloody fur boots

Moshi moshi... lol seizure desu BRB

Guuchan グーチャン <3

The dance is actually kinda cool looking through it in slow motion

As you may of realised the girls are using icecream cones as microphones, the icecream looks fairly realistic to I'm quite surprised that we don't see any drips or dribbles ...

oh hello ... this girl gets alot of screen time (yes I should learn the names but the moment I do there bound to change them again)

ok let me make a point, can you remember what pissed me off about Koharu's 'Papancake' video? well it was the fact that she was teasing a pancake for the whole video without even taking a single bite, and I feel exactly the same about this video, we get 4 minutes of girls with icecream and not even a single nibble, NOTHING!

The video closes with them all looking happy and friendly ... yet the real test of this group will be developing a sisterly bond and working together, I'm sure that alot of money will be pumped into this group so I really hope to see some brilliant singles ahead of them, yet although it might be slightly pessimistic they really need to release better singles than this, I need hooks and catchy beats, so far this is a forgettable tune, its unfortunate but true, lets all hope future stuff improves in quality ... I'm 100% sure it will do.


TIMMII said...

We'll see how the group gonna be,
One critical is the girls are big different in age, that might cause some problems

Chobi said...

The girl who gets a lot of screen time is Shenshen :) But my personal favorite is Youko, aka "Lightbulb", the girl holding the strawberry icecream microphone cone. Guu-chan actually annoys me a little. Looks like she's trying too hard to be older with all that make-up she's sporting.

I'm actually suprised at how popular they're become before they've actually released anything. I think they're going to go a good job :)

Anonymous said...

I'll give them a listen only if some of the girls are seriously cute and under 18!

Anonymous said...

What the eff is this?? Seriously!
To bear the name of "musume"(in ANY form)is to tread on sacred ground.

Shurastriker said...

PV is bad, song sounds quite right for h!p but imo chinese version of the song is better... lol heil hitora is a must

Anonymous said...

Neither the song, nor the PV did impress me.. but their group leader is cute. Needs a photobook ;)