What to do with a girl like Kanna?


Lifted from Dannychoo.com

The idol group ℃-ute recently had a hand-shake-with-fans session after a concert but one of the members Arihara ended up crying after.
The reason was that many fans ignored her when it was their turn to shake hands with her.
One of the given by fans who ignored her was because Arihara had a boy friend and that some of the fans felt betrayed...

Clip of Arihara being ignored below.

[the video is from last year]

I cant help but feel bad for Kanna, although nothing was confirmed by the UFA it was quite clear that Kanna had something going on with that guy.
The video is kinda funny and sad at the same time, I wonder if many people did ignore her? I wonder if there was any truth in the fact that she was crying?
I doubt this news will ever turn into a scandal ... which is a good thing because any drama involving a member effects the group as a whole.


Krisyushka said...

Idiots! I live in Russia. For trip in Japan for single concert i should saving money for many years. I've never seen an idol by my eyes, i've never shake his hand. Why the don't understand that fan should support his idol in any situation. Many fans did a more bad things that Kanna but she she nevertheless shake their hands...

MorningBerryz said...

This is too sad!! :( I feel so badly for Kannachan...really she's done nothing wrong so why the deliberate snub? Shame on those "fans."

paul.thomas said...

I can't believe that fans could do this to a member of a group, it seems like such a stupid thing to do. And the fact that she started to cry is just really terrible, how could anybody think that doing something where the end result was ever good idea. With the amount of enjoyment that the girls within H!P give us fans it's embarrassing to see people act this way.

Anonymous said...

That really is dreadful.

Poor Kanna!