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If you had the chance to pose with Berryz Kobo what pose would you want to strike? would you want to pose like the dude in the above photo? he looks like a rapist.
I think I would get me and the girls to do a double thumbs up and a cheesy grin ... one day I'll meet them oh yes.

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Rishadan said...

hahahaha wow...I think I'd go 'haba haba' and would probably look like jackass :S

kula said...

oh lol. I feel pity of these girls. Just look at the kind of sucker in gold. And the rapist. ROFL. They must be all disgusted. BTW, in the rapist picture, Kuma's face is priceless. P R I C E L E S S. She looks like she wants to lol hardly.
I'd make some usa-chan stupidity or anything that wouldn't scare the poor kids (kids? they're my fukken age.)

★Shining Star★ said...

LOL I think I would want them to make the Haado Gei Foo pose. xD
And dress up in black latex clothes, hat and shades. xD