こんばんは つんく です!!!

Hello readers of 'Wotaku now!' genki desu ka?
Shirow has been kind enough to let me write a post on his blog, isn't that nice of him?
For those of you that don't know my name is TSUNKU, I'm kinda like the overlord of h!p production ... I'm the man who knows how to get things, I'm kind of a BIG deal.
I'm not here just to talk about myself and post sexy pictures though, I need your help ...

Oh this is me being all casual ^^

Anyway enough of this sexual tomfoolery, lets get down to business, like I said I know how to get things ... so I pose to all of you a question ...

What do you want to see happen in 2009?

This past year has been a super busy time, not only have we been expanding our Empire further into Asia we have also been cutting costs at home, getting the elder members of h!p to graduate has been very good for our finances ... that right ... we have more cash to play with.
So ... how do you want us to spend this money? shall we hold auditions for a 9th Generation? ... shall we splash more cash onto our promotional videos? ... do you want more photobooks? Risako keeps texting me for her forth one ... do you think someone else wants one? if so who? ... Chinami? JunJun?

oh I'm so silly at times ^^

Please leave comments below and tell me what you want to see more of ... and maybe even less of ... I hear that some of you are getting pissed with line distribution and cheap videos?
Shriow wants his keyboard back now so I guess this is bye for now ... I'll be keeping my eyes on the comments so please go type your ideas ... be part of history ^^

さようなら 皆 。


Dran said...


Awesome post.

But Risako's 4th PB? When Maa hasn't got her 1st yet? I call that sacrelige.

9th Auditions would be good, but really, what H!P needs and it's entire fate hangs on is wether or not Maasa will finally get a PB. :p

Rishadan said...

Screw Maasa...Junjun needs PB!!!!

Rick said...

Photo books for: Chinami, Erika, and Miyabi.
World tour for MM, C-ute, Berryz Kobo, and Buono!. Must perform in Seattle.

Shirow said...

I really wanna see a Berryz in Hawaii dvd, a day filled with adventures and swimsuits.
Also another battle concert with C-ute and Berryz ^^
You can do it Tsunku!

Dran said...

A Berryz Alo-Hello... Adventures and swimsuits... I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it. XD

Anonymous said...

I love berryz's cutesy songs but it would be great if they had a serious song and more personalized clothng like c--ute for once.

Shimizu Saki should have a solo in a pv becuase she's an awesome dancer.

Nakajima Saki should be brought to the front cause she's an awesome dancer too. Chisato should get more lines.

There should be more shuffles. That hasn't happened for a while.

Midori said...

A world tour, and more TV appearances for all!

Sarah [Cheeky_Chill] said...

Even lines in the songs! Give Captain kick-ass dance solos and how about a massive trip for all the girls to Hawaii...you have the money XD

Oh and 9th Gen auditions.

Trunks_01 said...

A MM where ai and reina don't lead! More Junjun|

slasha said...

US/UK tour for MM, C-ute, and Berryz

PBs for Captain, Erika, Maimi, Nakki, Junjun, Linlin

Wendy said...

Max is gonna rip your eyes out. :D

P.S. Risako and Airi unit plz

Tales of Roudoudoú said...

MORE JUNJUN!! PB, solo singles, TV programs, everything about her!!!

jim said...

One day, Japan is going to care what Americans think about pop music...that they make...one day...

wahashimoto said...

Tsunku-san, I love all of your personal photos. Please keep posting them, they brighten my day.

PBs: Aika!! Infact, all of 8th gen, in separate ones, of course.

Miyabi and Yurina both need another and Maasa needs her first.

ERIKA. She's the narcissistic C-utie, and for the right reasons!

Songs: Berryz; one mature song for the year, then head back to genkiness. More Yurina lines, she needs to come back to the front.

C-ute; Either, ErikaxMaimi B-side/album song. We need GEM. Chisato to establish herself as 3rd lead vocally, not that lame cute attempt by Hagitty or I CAN DANCE by NakaSaki.

Momusu; Do the swap with Berryz, I mean, one cute/genki song then back to the sex tracks. PVs could use a bit of spark, shiny dance shots are getting dull. ErixAixLinlin ballad, mature/sexy 'REAL LOVE'-esque song by Gaki and Koha, Junjun, Sayu and Reina singing something crazy and fun. Aika's already got a solo upcoming, so I'm happy about that.

Berryz Vs Cute part 2, where the evil villian forces the girls to sing the other group's songs. I want to see Berryz' Tokaikko Junjou and C-ute's MONKEY DANCE.

I have a big wishlist, don't I?

Don't forget the photos. ;o

Gemma said...

Chinami & maasa should have her own photobook by now :)
Also i would like h!p to have a U.s & especially Europe tour!
Come to England :D

Diogo said...

Tsunkou san! ogenki desu ka?

I kinda have lot's of requests but i don't want to overload you.

My biggest wish is that you work even harder (if it is possible) to promote H!P internationaly! Maybe a presence at the next Japan Expo here in Europe huh! what do you say ? =)

Concerning my preferences, i would want to see a mature looking saki photobook cause she looked soo good in forever love!

Oh, and another C-ute all day magazine!

Take care/Genki de

PS: Now asking the impossible, a tour in europe by C-ute, Berryz and Buono! (the last one kinda comes attached :P) ah never mind my crazy thoughts! Your photos were very funny by the way

Anonymous said...

a concert in Brazil pleeeeease ^^

paul.thomas said...

PB's for those girls that don't have any, for C-ute to keep up with the same quality and amount of releases, Morninf Musume to get more releases...2 single releases in 1 year WTF! And finally, one mother of a single from the Elder Club members before they graduate.

Anonymous said...

Summer shuffle units in 2009!!!
Saki PB...NOW!

TIMMII said...

- CAPTAIN's PB!!! This item should be release for years, do it.

- Make a tour to THAILAND (at least for Berryz Kobo). Abe-san came, why don't you ask her how did she impress here? I bet she will say how good of the dance-cover team are.

rackles said...

* More Captain. More Captain dancing, more Captain singing, more Captain speaking, more Captain posing (for PBs), and a more mature image for Captain.

* Stop dressing Ai-chan in pigtails and school girl outfits. Stop having her speak in that stupid unnaturally high-pitched voice. Give her the sexy/cool/mature image that fits with being the leader of Morning Musume.

* More Aika! She's adorable and she can sing.

* Make C-ute better. Have less Airi, more Maimi and Mai. Maybe add a new member. Get rid of Saki because she's ugly and can't sing.

* More shuffle groups/special units.

* Create a group of brand new girls: not eggs and not Chinese girls.

* Come perform in America. Please?

Rad said...

My top priority is getting Hello! Project to the US in some form. Maybe the Hangry & Angry's upcoming spring visit to the Seattle anime convention will be the start of something great:

Suggestion: Have Buono!, Kusumi or another anime-theme specialist booked for the Anime Expo in L.A. in July. I noticed a lot of young people of middle-school age at that convention, and Buono! would be a great guest group.

Even better, send Morning Musume to Anime Expo and have them perform in the spectacular 7,000-seat Nokia Theater next to the L.A. Convention Center. If it's good enough for Shokotan, it's even better for Morning Musume.

Keep up the good work with C-ute (the best ensemble in the world of its kind at present in my view), Berryz and your other developmental units. The current Eggs are superb, especially Ogawa.

Finally, I would very much like meeting you and/or any of your staff while I am in Japan next month (Jan. 22-Feb.2). As a former music and dance teacher, it would be great to sit in on a rehearsal and see how it's done.

E-mail me here: radicalpatriot@yahoo.com

Im already registered to your blog but, unfortunately, my Kanji remains a little weak.

Thanks and have a great holiday season!


Anonymous said...

I would like to see more great songs by Morning Musume like ones released between 2005 and 2007.