The Alo Hello! 3 Captacular Part 1

Right then let me start this off by saying that I utterly adored this video from start to finish, every second is dripping with idol goodness, beautiful girls and a beautiful location ... this is the kind of stuff that more idol groups need to be doing (ahem Berryz).
The following babble/caps are devoid of context and time line, and I'll no doubt skip parts I think we can do without ... if this page is loading slow due to the amount of images then that's too bad!
Anyway swiftly moving forward...

How amazing does Hawaii look? clear waters and blue skies, unlike the UK which consists of grey skies and concrete paving slabs.

Something you see alot of in this video are staff members in the background, normally the staff are edited out, but as you can clearly see a female member of staff is playing with Aika's chest.

JunJun on all fours looking quite excited for the flag race about to happen.

Watching this race in slow motion is interesting, Eri is bouncing everywhere and Risa falls on her ass for some unknown reason.

Beach hazards include Jelly fish, sharks and falling idols.


You might be smiling now Aika ... but just you wait ...

Again we have Eri bouncing everywhere ... yet my eyes are distracted for a moment by ...

BAM!!!! Aika's head flat in the sand, ooh SNAP!

''Head down!'' ... oh Risa that's my kinda language ...

10 minutes later Aika is still wiping the sand from her 大きい chin.

JunJun gives us a goofy ''Yaaaay tanoshii!!!!''

By the ridiculous grin on this mans face he clearly enjoys his job, THE LUCKY BASTARD.

Sayumi says ''Eri sugooooiiiii'' in a really annoying voice.


Koharu SMASH!!!

''Help meeeee!!!!!''

Volleyball time!! *thinks of dead or alive beach volleyball*

OMG LinLin ... relevant.

Aichan's body is smoking as usual

JunJun is really scared about getting hit by the ball

So Reina gives JunJun some advanced lessons in hitting.

Gotta love the camera shot here ...

Dang ... who would of thought the pandas would look so good in bikini's? ... JunJun's abs are awesome.


JunJun hangs in her head in shame after a poor shot

LinLin midshot ...


Fail shot.

JunJun almost smacks Koharu in the face ...

''SO SORRY!!!''

With Koharu being the Volleyball captain back at school she should totally pwn everyone ...

Strike ...

Point!!! and bonus points for almost hitting Reina!

Great success!!!!!

Stay tuned for part 2 ...


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Dran said...

Man. Those are some great caps. Lots of funny ones. Love the LinLin faces. Why do people call Gaki the reaction queen when that title clearly belongs to LinLin? :p

And why has it taken me til just now to realise how... curvy Ai is? XD

TIMMII said...

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あけまして おめでとうございます.