Ayaka's surprise graduation lesson!


Ahh Ayaka ... as most of you Wota's probably already know she is about to graduate from the hectic world of hello! project (see link for full story).
Its always a time of mixed emotions when someone leaves the h!p family, sometimes girls end their idol career prematurely *COUGH* ... and sometimes they dont end them at all *COUGH!!*.
From my early days of becoming a h!p fan I can fondly recall watching 'Ayakas surprise English lessons' ... I'm sure most of you fall into this category, I could go on a long worthless rant about the English lessons but I'm sure you all know how full of win they were, if not ... then I suggest you have an awesome history lesson .
Admittedly I was never actually a big fan of Coconuts Musume, their music never really got my attention, so I can safely say I wont miss them ... but what I will miss is the idea of another series of Ayakas English lessons ... I was really hoping they would bring them back ... but now that idea is shot to shit.
Ayaka was a talented sexy woman, its a shame she was stuck in a defunct unit and was only given one photobook (download here).
I wish Ayaka the best of luck in her new life, I hope she becomes successful and dosent end up washed up like all those other jdrama 'actors'.
I'll leave you with a performance of Petitmoni's 'Baby koi no knock out' featuring Ayaka, Yossie and Satoda Mai, this version is brilliant, enjoy!

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MorningBerryz said...

It's all UFA's fault for not showing her any love...being "employed" by an entity but yet not being given much if any work at all. UFA really missed here as Ayaka is so wonderful and just imagine how well received it would have been to have an English Lesson segment on any H!P program...HM@...anyone?!! And I just read that she's already been signed by another agency?!! With a new last name?!! What was wrong with Kimura...it works for Kimutaku! :P