Wotaku T-shirts

For a while now I've been thinking of getting some hello! project (wota) t-shirts made up, these t-shirts would be 100% unofficial and fairly simple in design due to my limited production abilities.
At the moment this idea is fairly hypothetical as I'm unsure if anything will become of it, but if I were to start making them I would be working for zero profit, the costs to be covered would be production and p&p (If any profit was to be made it would be donated directly to the RSPCA).
At the moment I've done a variety of designs, some people might not understand them, but I would be quite happy to wear any of these designs in public ^_^
Let me know what you think, also please suggest new ideas and designs! I would love to make lots more!
(I'll add more designs when I sober up and things)

A t-shirt only I would wear

Random h!p quotes

And since International Wota write lots of nice things about me heres a few early designs.

This design says Wota (in katakana) and a figure 8 representing infinity, it was only later that I realized it looks kinda phallic...

Also just a quickie update, Ohta is now selling those cool 'UH! HA!' Berryz Kobo T-shirts! ... order one HERE NOW!.


chibilolli said...

I'm totally up for this. I will help you out in any way possible. So I suppose that's me saying yes to the modeling contract...just no face shots!

If enough people want though. You should make some skinny fits for girls. I'd rather have a skinny fit. I want Risa's head across my chest LOL!!!

Shirow said...

Ok its a deal ... skinny fits and normal shirts then ... also if people buy a shirt they must pose wearing it and I'll put it up in this blog somewhere ^_^

MorningBerryz said...

I love the first design a lot!! ^-^

ck2 said...

XD Nice ~~~~ def. gonna get one if I can

I want more quotes !! such as "people people people", "Party Party", "No eyebrow says me", etc ~

Chris said...

Some of the greatest ideas in history have come about under the influence of alchohol. In fact, my comment is alchohol induced! Go ahead with the shirts, I'll buy one!

sharanq said...

Great idea, Shirow. Please consider Koharu's immortal line from the Alo-halo2 DVD:
"Bus Come On! Bus? Bus?"

Also from Risa's Alo 2007 DVD, there was the infamous Argentinian Conversation with many such gems such as "Wak Yu Fii? Ya Qui!"