High king = Win?


The news of a new unit is always awesome, I always love to see a different mix of idols placed together, new styles of music, outfits, and attitude, it's also interesting to see the chemistry between them all.
The newest unit on the scene is 'High King' ... a creation stemming from the forthcoming stage play ''Cinderella the Musical''.
Now as most of you probably already know this new unit stars Takahashi Ai, Yajima Maimi , Shimizu Saki, Tanaka Reina, and the Hello!Pro Egg (n00b) Maeda Yuuka.
Surely a group containing so much potent win is a sure fire success right? ... well although I always like to be overtly optimistic regarding idol issues ... this time I'm being 'cautiously optimistic' .. why you ask? ... well at countless times in my life I've been at some house party, stood in the kitchen with my friends ... getting a big bowl and filling it with beer, vodka, wine, malibu, whisky ... and anything under the kitchen sink, drunken logic would seem that the cocktail of lovely drinks (even malibu... dont judge me) will produce a drink fit for a God ... yet as it always transpires ... its bloody awful.
Although I dont know ... I have a good idea this unit will be active for only 1 single (just like Aa, Gyaruru, ZYX etc...).
The single coming out is called 'Cinderella\Complex' ... after a quick wiki search it seems that a 'cinderella complex' has something to do with a women's fear of independence, but anyway you can download a poor radio rip of the track here, I'll try and resist making an early judgment ... all I can say the style of music would suggest a sexy and slick dance routine ... will Maimi be wearing hotpants? ... god I hope so, watch this space.


Anonymous said...

What's up with Malibu???

I'm holding out on judgement for this group as well. But I don't see them staying around too long.

Damn, Reina's skinny ass legs are getting worse and worse @_@

MorningBerryz said...

The lineup is incredible....haha I'm so biased though! :P I do also think that this unit will not release too many songs due to its tie in but a lot of song releases would be very much welcome if that does happen! ^-^ I'm anticipating great dance choreography just based on who's in this unit!