Buono! - Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!


I uploaded a preview of this video onto veoh 4 days ago so I already had a brief idea of what to expect from this video.
The dance for the video seems to be fairly simplistic, infact it looks like something I would atempt after a few drinks.
The begining of the video the girls just jump up and down waggling their fingers at me ... I feel as if they are telling me off for looking at their short skirts...
A majority of the video is dedicated to the girls just carelessly jumping around waving their arms about ... which isnt a bad thing at all because it fits quite well with the jumpy fast paced music.
There seems to be an ongoing theme with the Buono! PV's with Momoko being targeted for her height and her played out 'idiocy' ... there are numerous shots of Momoko jumping up high to reach the chalk board or to clean the school corridors, theres also a cute scene of the girls all reading books, Momoko seems to be the only girl with a childrens book (which probably sums up her idol mentality quite well).
The girls main outfits look great, there seems to be a continuity with their style which is the 'punked up fashionable school girl' look.
Airi looks adorable with her braces and baker boy style hat, Momoko has some really pretty pink knee high socks, and Miyabi's short tartan skirt complete with large white chain all go together quite nicely indeed.
Its good to see they have avoided wearing clothing that has English profanity ... although I must admit the pictures of Miyabi with her 'Rock like fuck' and Momoko's 'Stuffing fucking junk food in your mouth' were quite hilarious.
Overall I think the song is really catchy, and the video is extremely cute and colourful, which basicly sums up my thoughts on Buono!, they rock!.

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Andra said...

Wow, that's a great PV! I love the colourfulness! Buono! just keeps getting better. :)