Kago Ai is back! (again)


Ahhhh Kago ... my first true h!p love, The Japanese news site www.ohmynews.co.jp has been conducting an interview with the ex Morning Musume idol.
Below is a video of her being interviewed, apparently theres going to be six video interviews in total (the last video is going to be posted on the 12th of April).
Here is a brief translation of what was said (credit to Kuno & Skeez) ...

"I was 17 years old back then. I wasn't self-conscious enough to become a proper working adult. To all the fans, staff, office workers, as well as my mother, I have troubled you very much. There's no excuse for what I did. I'm going to start anew, upholding my duties properly. I want to live strongly. I would be be happy to have your support.

My mother and father divorced on that day. At that time, when I was down, my boyfriend had gone far away. I'd known him for a while, and I was close to him. He lived nearby, in Kusatsu (prefecture). I said I wanted to go, but since there was so much snow, going by car would be dangerous. So we went and stayed at the Japanese inn."

From the photographs released is quite evident she is taking care of herself, shes looking very mature in her blue and white top, she looks very different of how she used to look.
I guess as the week goes on we shall find out whats going on in her life and see if she has any ideas of returning to the hectic world of j pop? I for one have my fingers and toes crossed.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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MorningBerryz said...

It's just so great to see her open up and begin to clear the air on all that's happened. I'm sure it's helping her come to terms with things to by expressing her feelings openly for really the first time since it's all happened. I wish they would release the entire interview at once!

I'm amazed at how different she looks! I think her new style suits her well. For her the music industry seems to be out so acting it is and I wish her the best! ^-^