Milky wahey!!

As I've previously mentioned, the two new faces from h!p eggs Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka are visualy enchanting, and this new video proves that they are very good at singing, while they may not share Koharu's brash and sometimes dorky style of singing their voices flow really well with Koharu's.
As this video appeared on 'Dohhh UP' I was eating food, this isnt a problem normally ... yet when the video started to play my eating speed started to match the speed of the rhythm, and within 3 minutes of the song finishing, my plate was empty and my belly now aches, so theres a tip... dont eat food and watch genki power pop, but I highly recommend drinking beer and watching power pop ...roll on the weekend.
Now the video has a great feel to it, the camera is constantly panning back and forth, side to side ... around and around and around ... it really adds to the spacey feel and leaves you feeling kinda dizzy.
The girls look really lovely, the outfits remind me a little of Koharu's from the 'happy' PV, yet these outfits are with extra frills and silk, the girls also sport a pretty neat headset that compliments the space theme.
The song itself is brilliant, it starts off with with bagpipes that blend into a fast paced beat, throughout the video the girls are banging away with their star shaped tamborines (I totally want one).
There are some great moments when the camera slowly pans around the girls looking down upon them and they either do a cute pose or just smile back, also keep your eyes open for their awesome 'can-can' style dancing ... this video really has everything.
I've yet to place an order for this single, but I'm totally on the way to do it now, and maybe pick up a star tamborine.
The video ends with a closing shot of Koharu doing a huge smile and giving us a double peace sign, this new unit is pure triumph and Koharu knows it.
Here is the video so judge for yourself ...

(please enjoy responsibly)

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Will said...

Please exchange link with me ! :)

paul.thomas said...

I'm glad it wasn't just me that could hear bagpipes, I thought I was hearing things!
Lol, you have to put up a clip of you dancing along with the tamborine, it'll be classic!

CK said...

PURE TRIUMPH! I couldn't agree more.

Will said...

link back just added ! :)

maiZe said...

Hi. This comment has nothing to do with this post, but you had a post regarding H!P on ebay earlier today, and I was going to do a write-up on it for IntlWota. But now the post has disappeared... Any reason for that? Because I checked out a seller that I get some H!P stuff from, and I'm seeing the same thing you mentioned.

maiZe said...

Hey Shirow! I added you to my blog roll too. :) No worries about jumping the gun on that post. Better to be safe than sorry, right? And thanks for giving me the update! ^_^