Rakuten Eaglesuu !!!

Now personally I dont care for baseball at all, infact I dont care for any sports whatsoever ... unless its womens singles at wimbledon or volleyball (is that a sport?) but anyway ... I guess I just like watching girls getting competitive and sweaty ... where was I?
Yes, the new C-ute video!
The video itself follows a very basic formula, singing, dancing, close up, baseball bat.
I dont like the parts with the dudes, they kinda get in the way of the girls singing and jumping about, the dance itself is pretty funky, they do a cool move where they all point to the sky and do a lovely leg wiggle ^_^
The clothing they wear is kinda cool, red and white baseball style outfits with skimpy white short shorts (oh my).
The girl that really stood out for me in this video is Maimi, that girl just drips with confidence and win, infact .... shes so awesome I just did this
Anyway heres the video! enjoy!!

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