The obligatory Resonant blue rant

*deep breath*

Ok ... After much thought of the actual song itself I've come to the conclusion that Morning Musume's latest venture is nothing but MEDICORE.
Bear with me ... the song is smooth, sassy and fairly slick .. but it just lacks any WOW or PIZAZ ... it just hums along then ends.
I consider it to be 'Eago yes nude ver.2' its got a similar feel to it, theres a chance it will grow on me at some point ... yet I dont hold out much hope.
I've read alot of peoples mixed opinions about this song, it dosent do anything new, its nice and all but just fails to give Morning Musume that push that they severely need, I am interested in seeing how this sells though, will it sell more than the poorly performed 'Mikan'? I really hope it does ... but I have this horrible feeling it wont.
And now the video ... I like many others are wondering if this is the dance shot version ... it bloody well looks like it to me ... but if it isnt .. that means that there will probably be a close up version to follow ... and that means we will be seeing a 5 minute video of Aichan and Reina singing.
Aichan and Reina are wearing identical outfits which consists of sexy black strapy short dresses, a white shirt and black tights, they have equal screen time and seem to take up about 90% of the video, the other percents go to Koharu 8%, and Sayumi 2%.
This video just pretty much fails to show any other other girl than Aichan and Reina, Aika is on the opening shot, and Sayumi has a little shot all to herself near the end ... but thats it folks.
Who knows? maybe in a few days we will be given the real version? but if not I will have to condem this video to the title of 'medicore'.
Maybe it will grow on me, maybe it wont, but I'm not very impressed.

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