Berryz continue to dominate

It would seem that Berryz Kobo have broken a new record with their 16th single release 'Dschinghis Khan' for the most first week sales ever for a H!P kids release!
Selling a most impressive figure of 30,667.
It will be interesting to see if this continues to sell well, I'm also curious if online sales are included in total sales figures? I would like to think so as I got an email the other day telling me my order is the way.
With The berryz growing popularity I see no reason why their 17th single and subsequent 5th album (yet to be confirmed) wont continue to sell brilliantly.
Below is a photoset for the single and the dance version to Dschinghis Khan, note at the end of the video Risako looks absolutely exhausted, bless her.

Berryz Kobo - Jinngisukan (Dance Shot Ver.)

Online Videos by Veoh.com


Radicalpatriot said...

My understanding is that no online sales are included in these ratings. I know for sure YesAsia is not included. The ratings come almost exclusively from Japanese CD stores, and from what I saw over there in January, the major stores do not carry H!P titles at all, or very few.

That means this is a miracle for Berryz, just as it was when C-ute's first single was No. 3 in January-February 2007.


chibilolli said...

I think CD
Japan sales are included. But that's right, YesAsia's aren't.

I agree. When I was in HMV in Ikebukuro it took me ages to find the H!P section, and when I did it was tiny.

This is very good for Berryz ^_^