The star that continues to shine...


Kusumi Koharu is without a doubt a true miracle girl at the moment, as most people are aware Koharu is my number one all time favorite h!p idol ... from the first time I set my eyes on her I was 100% totally spellbound.
Its a great time to be a Koharu fan right now because she is getting one hell of a busy work schedule thanks to the new idol unit 'Milky way' which consists of the utterly adorable Kikkawa Yuu and the lovely Kitahara Sayaka .
Admitedly I have no idea of the vocal abilities of the 2 girls but I trust Tsunku will create something glorious, lets us all hope it is high powered genki power pop, also I'm sure Koharu must of broken a new record of an idol being in so many different units/groups right now ... I wonder if the other girls of Morning musume are getting jealous of her? regardless I'm confident this new unit will sell very well indeed, and I think its a fair assumption that Koharu will be getting her 3rd photobook very soon.
The future's bright .. the future is Koharu.

Also today I went into town and had a delicious cake ... which is infact a pie,
But I found it very delicious and my happiness increased a few points :D


Radicalpatriot said...

You know, Kusumi is one of the most poolarizing figures in all of Hello Project, but she is an attention-getter, just sensational in every way, even if Tsunku does protect her live appearances, and keeps her music narrow in scope. I just love this kid to death and hope she stays around forever.


paul.thomas said...

It's great that Koha is getting another single release, it's also good to see that we're seeing two more eggs pushed into the spotlight, I guess it's about time that the H!P Eggs got a bit more love and attention, lol plus it really helps me remember their names.