Mongolian Berryz ...

It looks like there is a third version to the 'Jingisukan' video from Berryz Kobo, not content with the usual 'dance shot' or 'close up' versions we regualry come to expect, the berryz have gone all out and done a 'Mongolian Dance Shot' ...
When I first found out about this version I thought It was some kinda of prank, but after seeing some screencaps and a very short clip of the video it became a reality.
Now I (like many others) will be thinking WTF? ... and yes you'd be quite right, the video itself is fairly odd indeed, its filmed from a fixed camera postion and edits 3 dance versions together, the difference between each version is the alternating mongolian costumes (the mongolian clothing is called a '
Del' ... the more you know...)
Basicly the 'Del' is a sexed up bathrobe made out of silk with some random paterns.
The berryz understanably look strange, Momoko is wearing a red silky number with a hat about 4 times bigger than she is, how she dosen't break her neck is a mystery indeed, and most notably out of all the girls is Yurina, not only is she super tall anyway the hat she wears makes her look about 10 feet high, I guess thats why they kept her dancing at the back.
The video is great, and a very welcome supprise, I'm just curious if they will ever perform Jingisukan wearing these clothes ... there not exactly sexy ... but regardless ... BRAVO!

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Anonymous said...

Wahahaha! I LOVE Momo's humongous red hat, and Saki's blue get-up is actually sort of...well...it's the best I've seen Saki look in some time. Miyabi pulls of everything gracefully. I sort of love this shot.