Panda Love


It's been roughly just over 1 year since the pandas joined Morning Musume so I thought I would talk about them a little.
For Junjun and Linlin it must of been one hell of a crazy year, not only were they selected to join the super group Morning Musume they also moved from China to Japan and now are now in the full media spot light as idols.
I'm curious what conditions are on the girls Visa's, are they on a renewable working Visa? or will they eventually apply for joint citizenship? I know that China and Japans diplomatic situation is not the healthiest in the world ... I just hope there isnt any diplomatic event that would cause China to snatch back the pandas ... but thats just me being overdrematic (or am I?).
Since the pandas have joined Morning musume they have had the mammoth task of learning Japanese, learning idol etiquette, learning a majority of the song lyrics AND dance routines, I really cannot comprehend how overwhelmed and pressurized they must of felt while undertaking (and still pursuing) this daunting feat.
So how have they done? looking at their behavior around the rest of the girls they seemed to have slowly come out of their shells, obviously with limited Japanese there was only so much they could speak about, the first few months must of been the toughest for them (considering it was a total life change and culture shock).
Personally for me, Jun Jun is the girl I'm keeping my eye on, she started off as such a timid shy girl, but now she seems the complete opposite, everyweek on haromoni she stands out above everyone else, and I'm sure I dont need to remind everyone of her trademark move.
As for Lin lin, she comes across as very energetic and trys her hardest to fit into Morning Musume, I dont think that she has fully come out her shell yet, and Im looking forward to seeing more opportunities for her to do so, something that really gets my attention is her beautiful smile, it really melts my heart.
I'm really looking forward to the year ahead and I hope Tsunku pushes them in the right direction *cough double photobook plz please cough*.
Below is a really sweet clip of Jun jun taken from the Morning Musume DVD magazine 16 ... ah kawaii. Photobucket

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Radicalipton said...

Great perspective. Frankly I don't know how JunJun and LinLin do it, and after seeing them live, they are beautiful and talented and deserve their place in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Shirow: Thanks for this great posting. You raise the important issues that I’ve been wondering about, namely, how 2 Chinese citizens can continue to work in Japan (not to mention Taiwan later this year) given the cultural and historical barriers. These 2 young ladies are simply remarkable if for nothing else than being able to absorb he language so quickly. To be able to learn the complex dance routines and songs on top of that is just SUGOI. I do wish that management could utilize them more, namely with a single or b-side of a Mandarin original song, or better yet, a translation of an old Momusu tune (e.g., Morning Coffee) with the other Musumes backing them up. Perhaps something like this could be done prior to the upcoming concert in Taiwan.

Shining Star said...

I like your blog, and the way you write it. I come back here regulary. You should add a link to it in your user profile on H!O. It still direct to the non existing stage6 account if I click on your webpage.