Say hello to Hangry & Angry


First of all let me state the facts:

• 'Hangry & Angry' are a new duo unit featuring Hitomi Yoshizawa and Rika Ishikawa.

• 'Hangry & Angry' is also a Japanese clothing range that features Gothic/Lolita/punk style clothing (website here)

• 'Hangry & Angry will be releasing a mini album on the 19th of November called 'Kill Me, Kiss Me'.

• The term 'Hangry' means a feeling of being angry and hungry at the same time.

• 'Hangry & Angry' surprisingly have a myspace page that features their single 'Kill me, kiss me' (myspace page here).


This news really took me by surprise, of course there's nothing shocking about a new unit, but this combination and style is very interesting.
Considering that 'Hangry & Angry' are already a popular fashion line it seems that this unit is merely a living and singing advertisment.
At the moment I know that this unit is controlled by the UFA but I'm not sure if its under the h!p or Tsunku's TNX label, personally I doubt its on either considering the edgy lyric of 'Kill me'.
Its good to see Yossie and Charmy back to work but I'm really wondering if this type of unit has a chance of getting past its second single, this reminds me a little of a more adult version of Buono.
I am a fan of Loli/goth/punk fashion yet I dont think it really suits these two girls.
Will we be seeing a PV for this? I hope so, but for now check out their new single below (download here) (credit to ck2 @ h!o).

Kill Me Kiss Me - Hangry & Angry


Rishadan said...

WOW! That they sounds super-duper-mega awesome. I really hope to hear more from them.

And Rika looks hot <3

Shirow said...

Lols @ 'super duper mega awesome'
They do look kinda badass, its strange to see them without the clean cut image.

Anonymous said...

though the girls maybe don't fit the image well, I think Yossy looks good in it. or kool at least. Can't say the same about Ishikawa, though.

Vee said...

Oh. WOW. The Golden Pair. Together. But like THIS? I never expected it. You're right, of course, it does smack of "advertisement", but as with the Kirarin units, and Buono!, maybe that will be a good thing. Also I think this is a good move for trying to bring "older" girls back to H!P. I'm listening to the track and adoring the sound and engineering. This can't be Tsunku or TNX, imo. If it is I will be shocked.

Anonymous said...

it's probably because we're too used to their old image that was put on to them... so we aren't too comfortable with this new one?

Anonymous said...

A year on and the are still around with a full album released. And who cares if it is advertising? Advertising and good music are not exclusive concepts. If anything they go hand in hand as good advertising often uses evocative music to set a mood if the advertising is in a multi-media format.

Oh and they are awesome :P