Berryz welcome the elder graduations with Happiness!


I found this funny fan subbed video today, the girls of Berryz are quite clearly over joyed with the graduations, and it seems they are aiming for pure h!p domination.
Nicely made and very witty, I love Momoko's remarks towards Risako's future solo career.
Big props towards BerryzKoboWota, I look forward to more videos in the future.

(Look at the youtube page for a higher quality version)


gogojimmy said...

best. subs. ever. !

Anonymous said...

"This train won't get perverted like Love Machine's plane."

"More money for our PVs"

Yay! But I have to say Momo was the funniest one of all.

MorningBerryz said...

This is the funniest pv fansub ever! I'll never be able to watch this video again without laughing!! ^o^ Thank you for sharing!

Rad said...

I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair -- twice!