A new show! should we care?


And so a new hello! project show is born Yorosen! but before I talk about that I want to take a little stroll down nostalgia lane and babble about past h!p shows.
Being totally honest I found Haromoni a spectacular failure ... not only were the ratings piss poor the show itself was 95% dull and uninspiring (the 5% I did enjoy was JunJun eating Bananas and crying).
It baffles me how you can have a 40 minute show consisting of 9 sexy girls in cosplay and still fail to get high ratings ... it's clearly not the girls fault at all, its the producers being so shortsighted and uncreative.
I'm sure the UFA read my blog ... so might I suggest a few ideas for a sure fire hit:

• Remember when the girls went to the Nintendo building and played on the wii?, well everyone loves videogames, so if we create more face offs involving two player video games, I would love to see the girls take each other on Mario kart, I can already imagine the the camera close ups of the girls shouting and screaming.
Also maybe we could see the girls play on the balance board, who could resist seeing Aichan play on the yoga game?

• Considering the girls dressed up everyweek in cute cosplay I dont think its a far cry to see the girls dress up in those sumo suits and take each other on? it worked back then and it could still work now, I want my idols jumping around and having fun, not sat on their butt's looking bored.

• Remember that old segment when they put a blindfold on a girl and dangled an object in there face? well I always found them highly entertaining, there's something so enjoyable watching the girls go through mental torture, I guess that's just typical Japanese comedy, but it works.

• and if all else fails get out the twister board, everyone would love to see the girls get up close and twisted, and if dont you deserve to be taken outside and shot.

The other show that just ended also was of course Berikyuu, this show in my opinion was far FAR superior than haromoni, a reason I might of enjoyed this more is probably because I'm a bigger fan of Berryz Kobo and ˚C-ute than Morning musume.
But this show had a very mixed formula, a good chunk of the show made little sense if you could not understand Japanese due to the word games that were played when the girls whispered into that little jug, even though my Japanese is fairly limited I still found the show adorable, there were many MANY moments of pure love and win, who can for get Kappa Airi and Momoko screaming KAWAII!!??!?

I am quite upset that Berikyuu is over, but sometimes good things are not meant to last, I'm hoping that Yorosen! bucks it's ideas up and starts delivering high levels of hyper genki idol win.
Now that Haromoni is no longer alive I will not miss it one bit, it's regretable of course the girls wont be getting as much airtime, but you reap what you sow, I hope that the producers learn lessons from this, if they continue to use the same formula then I can see this new show being a failure also.
Time will tell of course, so feel free to watch Yorosen! on my new spanking Yorosen! channel here.


Dran said...

I stopped watching Haromoni@ over a year ago, so I have no idea how good or bad it got.

As for Berikyuu!, I watched every episode from day 1. And I never got tired. Admitadly season 2 had about 100% more Maasa, and as such was 100% better, but I loved the whole series.

Yorosen is a show that, I'm sure will be more successful than Haromoni@. But because of a very strong language barrier, the show won't be as appealing to those non-japanese speakers of us. I've also heard people complaining about having to get used to 4 minutes every day, instead of the usual haromoni@ timeslots. I've gotten used to it with watching Berikyuu every day, but I don't remember it ever being difficult to adjust. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Well...I care at the minute, but I don't know how long that will last.

I'll agree with you, HM@ was pure crap! But I stayed loyal to it because it was the only 'regular' way I could see my favourite idols. If I didn't have such a huge 'hard on' for Risa, Ai and Eri, I no doubt would've given up on it a looong time ago.

The problem with this new series is, I'm only 4 episodes in to it and I find myself doing impresions of Homer Simpon - 'BORING!' Possibly because I'm fed up with seeing Reina teach, and also because I'm fed up that there's no real interaction. Interaction in a sense that their desks are spaced apart so they can't touch / grab each other. Man! I want body contact!!!

Moving on...

I love your idea of Twister. I vote for Mittsi to sit out of the game and spin the thing for them, Lin Lin and Koharu can help them find the circles they need. The rest of them should wear short skirts and knee high boots (any choice of top) to play the game...


Mario Kart would also be ace if it was with the 3 groups. They could get some huge ass TV and ask Nintendo to fix it so that 23 can play at once XD Ok, there's not enough characters to go around... *thinks* Hmm...they should have a full on Mario Kart tournament, within groups. Then the winner of each group go head to head in a BATTLE TO THE DEATH! While the rest of the groups wear specific cheerleaders outfits and cheer them on.

Gah...I don't know. I don't want to loose having a regular show altogether. I just don't think this one is going to last too long. Maybe it just sucks to me because I can't understand Japanese. If I could then I think this is a great way to learn things. If I could understand them, I would let them teach me about politics any day. I may even learn something ^^

blackheaven said...

LOLx Shirow-sama! don't waste on raws XD watch it w/ subs :D I still watch it, though only w/ subs... show was really boring if you watch it by raw...

well, I really miss berikyuu... and I think you'll wait for december " IF and only if maimi will be their sensei " XD

anyways, great IYO ( In your opinion ) XD


PS: I want maimi's " legs " to your heading of this site ( you posted earlier on the maimi thread ) it's fascinating XD