My thoughts on recent events ...


I've been in London the past week so I've had little time to go online, and even if I did have the time I would of been far to drunk to understand what I was doing.
So below is a little ramble about various h!p things ...

Maimi in UTB magazine!

This news probably should be in my other blog (I love my Maimi) but there's not really alot to talk about, all I can do is drool and hope that her 3rd photobook gets a release date pronto, these photos really show off her natural beauty, its amazing how much she has changed, I'm gonna have a look around and try to pick up this magazine, if anyone knows a seller give me a heads up!

Elder Club fuzzy bunny!

Ok first of all I'm sick of hearing the term 'graduation' so from now on I shall use the much cuter term 'fuzzy bunny'.
There's probably little I can say about this that hasn't already been said by numerous fellow bloggers, I do like the idea of a mass of wota suicides, that would be funny.
Normally when a fuzzy bunny happens its because the girl wants to move on with her career (most of the time) ... yet since this will be a mass fuzzy bunny its fairly clear that none of the girls had much of a say in this, we could debate back and forth of why this has happened until the cows come home, but lets face the facts ... the UFA want to save money, pure and simple, not having all these girls in active groups they probably wont be getting paid as much, but lets remember that they are still under contract by the UFA ... so they still get paid, I dont think the girls will have to resort to adult entertainment for cash ... for now at least.
I see this fuzzy bunny orgy as a spot of spring cleaning to be honest, as the majority of girls are 'older' I think they all had there time to shine, and I think its important to focus resource on fresher and younger talent.
It will be strange to see future wonderful heart concerts though, there will quite clearly be wide gap in the line up, there will be somethings that I will really miss though, It will be a shame never to see Miki Fujimoto perform 'Boogie train' again ... I really have a soft spot for that song.
Looking at the fuzzy bunny list I cant help but see the amount of talent being taken away, I find it funny that Konno and Ogawa are being fuzzy bunny'd, it seems like they have been back about 7 minutes and now they are gone again.
I'm not that concerned about Yossie and Rika because they have their new 'hangry & Angry' so they are being kept busy.
I'm really quite upset about Arisa Noto being on the hit list also, how can such a quirky and cute girl be faced with fuzzy bunny? I hope the UFA have more plans for her.
There are a few more girls I could talk about but I'll refrain for now ... although I must say I'm over joyed that Yasuda Kei getting booted, that might sound harsh, oh well.

Risa turns 20!

While to some people this event might not really matter much, I think its fun to celebrate along with your idols birthday ... its the wota thing to do.
I had the pleasure of spending Risa's birthday down in London with Lolli from the Lollis love lunch blog.
To see more details of what happened in London please go read her blog!, I'll probably talk about this on my more personal blog over at hello online.
I can say that there was alot of beer drinking and idol chat, it was really quite an experience, here are a few photos that sum up what happened ... drinking, wearing suits, and doing wota things.

New Berryz best of album!

Oh yeah!!! The berryz get a 'best of' album! I'm almost 100% sure that this album will come with some kind of sexy special edition box set or something ... will it contain something like that previous box set complete with flip flops and beach ball? probably not but I do hope to get something cool.
I was thinking today of what songs should be on the album ... and then it hit me ... I love ALL their songs, seriously, I love each and everyone one, I guess its a combination of my devout fanboyism and great production from Tsunku, of course there are are tracks that will be on the album like Special generation, Munasawagi Scarlet and Gag 100 kaibun Aishite Kudasai, but I hope that some of the not so popular songs get featured like Joshi Basket bu Asaren Atta Hi no Kamigata and Himitsu no U.ta.hi.me.
Either way there's no way on earth I can dislike this album, if it contains the track 'Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu You Know' I will be in heaven as recently I cant stop listening to it, I lurve it, and you should too.

Watch Berryz Koubou - Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW in Music Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

I'll probably post again shortly with more thoughts as they happen, so I'll just end the blog with this picture ...


Can you see what I see??? ... Kanna is quite clearly getting some grope action on Aichan, the dirty girl! what will she do next? I guess she has good taste at least.


Anonymous said...

That was a post and a half!!!

For some reason Fuzzy Bunny makes me think of those sex shops we went in. I'm obviously getting confused with Rampant Rabbit. Oh well...either way I'm not really bothered by it all. Yes, I'm harsh but BYE BYE *waves*

I can't believe you covered your face up in that picture!!! I showed everyone my ugly mug, it's only fair that you do too! I didn't post the beer picture on my post. Do you think I should go back and do it? Do I see 'build your own' fish biscuit snacks? YUM!

Maimi looks hot diggidy dawg in those pics. I'm not a big fan of hers (you know I dig Miyabi out of the kids), but hells bells *dead* If I find the magazine online anywhere, I'll let you know.

One last thing...I think Kanna checking to see what type of underwear her Sempai wears. Briefs or Thong? Hmm... *feels for panty line* I agree! She does have impeccable taste ^_^

CatchFiveBats said...

They don't have it listed right now, but this is where I bought the issues of Up To Boy that I have:

I'm sadly not entirely sure if they ship to the UK, but I don't see why they wouldn't. Another place I would try is eBay...there's usually 15 or 20 issues of UTB listed at any one time on there.

Hope you find it!
- Zac

Rick said...

hey, I enjoy your postings and am wondering if you could get a pic of the UTB cover Maimi's in. Definetlly gonna ger Berryz best of thanks for the heads up. That kooky Kanna well wouldn't you if you were there?

paul.thomas said...

I'll be picking up my copy of UTB at some point towards the end of next week and the Japan Centre normally has a few on the shelves so if you want I can grab you a copy when I get mine?...But if you're still in London it's like a 2 minute walk from Picadilly Circus Station.

Looking forward to the Best Of Berryz album having only the previous two albums it'll be a good excuse for me to listen to some of their earlier songs :)

Anonymous said...

^ We checked that place out pretty much everyday and we never saw any magazines with Hello! Project on them in there :(

Typical that it comes out after we've left!!!

Shirow said...

@ Lolli

Trust you to think of sexual stuffs, and yes I censored the pic :P
Also those biscuit snacks were nice ... but I wont be buying them again.


Thanks for the help! I'll hopelly catch you soon on Wotachat :3


I saw the cover somewhere ... I'll update this post when I find it ;)

@ Paul

Yo, I'm no longer in London!, we went into the Japanese store numerous times yet didnt find any h!p related magazines D:
If its possibpe you could pick me up a copy I would be very very grateful!
I'll send you a PM through Veoh :)

Shirow said...

@ Paul

I just sent you an email instead!

Rick said...

Hey, sorry I tried to get you a copy at a Japanese bookstore in Seattle the other day, but after ana hour of searching I found out that they didn't get UTb.

Shirow said...

^ Ah thanks so much for trying anyway! ... I'll get hold of it by hook or by crook somehow ;)

Rick said...

Got your copy. need an address to send it to. Am down in the LA area for a geekfest http://www.creationent.com/cal/serenity.htm link if interested. had today to kill so went into little tokio and found another kinokuniya bookstore. After some looking around and asking for help the issue was found.