Momoko ♥ mouse


I saw this clip last week and I must of watched it over 100 times at least so far, there's something about it that makes me love Momoko a million times more than I already do, her unscripted antics make me lol so much, she's clearly insane.
In the video when she shows her amazement towards a wireless mouse her ''ehhhhh EHHHHH!!!!'' cracks me up everytime, even Yurina's ''Suuugiiii!!!!!'' makes me smile.
I've already transfered this video to my mobile so I can watch it all the time (which I do).


Rocky Nguyen said...

Lol, she's so funny.

Momoko is probably insane.

Rishadan said...

Haha! Hilarious!

Momoko <3

hika said...

thats a apple wireless mouse right?
but momoko reaction is really funny seems like thats the first time she saw a wireless mouse >_<

Rad said...

Momoko is a cartoon pretending to be human.

TIMMII said...

I dont know that whether you know this or not, since you are one big wota. This vid is a cut for Berryz Koubou Magazine Vol.8 -Momoko- part (they had it individually). If you dont know this yet, find yourself one, it is very funny.

AJFerbuary9 said...

Very funny ,Look at Momoko's face...

She is amazed in that mac mouse and tested it anywhere(even in the walls).