[Retro review] - Sexy Otonajan


Considering that there is such a bulk of hello! project shuffle groups and what not, one can find it hard to absorb everything past and present.
I think that being a h!p fan/wota is a constant learning experience, while one can pride themselves of a vast knowledge of h!p history ... there will forever remain gaps and events that were overlooked.
The one shot shuffle group 'Sexy Otonajan' is one of those things I have overlooked.
I can always recall the image of the girls wearing those deep red sexy outfits but I never had the instinct to investigate further.
While drunk the other night I went on a miyabi picture hunt on google image search (as I frequently do with many members).
The picture of her wearing the gold skirt and fitted corset-like top kept popping up in front of my eyes.
After another small search I fell into the world of Sexy Otonajan.
The line up for this shuffle group is a little odd ... but I can safely say that the first word of the groups name is well placed indeed.
The girl that strikes me the most is Miyabi, this I find quite surprising considering she is performing next to Miki Fujimoto, but seeing miyabi with her jet black hair really grabs you, I can always recall Miyabi having dyed hair from a very young age (even though its against school regulations).
The track they perform is called 'Onna, Kanashii, Otona' which means 'Woman, Sad, Grown-Up'.
As the track starts you can instantly tell its going to be a soothing classy affair, their voices slowly croon over the smooth piano notes and slow beat, the song is a brilliantly structured affair, all the girls get a good amount of lines each and their voices really do compliment each others aswell as the music.
The PV itself is a fairly simple one, it contains many slow close up shots of their beautiful faces, and also shows a fairly slow and sexy dance routine, within the first 20 seconds you can clearly see the slow booty wiggles.
Its fairly obvious to say that I wish this unit went further, yet with the departure of Murakami Megumi it was not meant to be.
If you wish to check out more then:

Download the single here:

Sexy Otonajan - Onna, Kanashii, Otona

Listen to the single here:

Onna Kanashi Otona - Sexy Otona Jyan

And watch the lovely video here:

Online Videos by Veoh.com


Wendy said...

Wow, what a coincidence! I was looking for random songs on YouTube yesterday to play when I was at my friend's house and I came across Onna, Kanashii, Otona. It was my first time hearing it.

I think it's really fantastic and I regret ignoring it all this time. n.n;

Shirow said...

Don't you think its fairly seductive?
makes me wanna dim the lights and slip into something more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

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