A peek into Koharu's diary


Waiting for a new photobook from your favorite idol can seem like an eternity at times.
In the past few days some photos have slowly leaked onto the net, and today 'Dohhh up!' started to stream a 3 minute preview of the photo shoot, hooray!
From what the video shows we get a great selection of outfits, the typical beach bikini, frilly night wear, but most importantly ... seifuku! complete with some very alluring red ruby glasses ... thank you UFA!!!.
The opening scene of this video shows us koharu in a very lovely red bikini,  you can quite clearly see that she has 'developed' somewhat recently, she is also sporting a fairly impressive muscular belly.
A thing that I do enjoy about this video (amongst many) is that she is speaking in her normal voice, not her idol voice, for those of you that have seen the adverts for 'pa pancake' the part when she says 'new single' really goes through me, I'm sure that every dog and cat in the vicinity heads exploded.
The next scene shows us Koharu in her adorable seifuku, if the UFA ever called me and aksed ''hey Shirow, what do you wanna see in Koharu's photobook?" I would instantly reply ''Lots of seifuku and sexy glasses!!!"
Such a deadly combination of Win is not for the weak hearted.
The third scene opens with Koharu in casual wear,  stood inside an empty train,  when I saw this I instantly thought of  'Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari',  I was hoping she would start doing the dance ... but she doesn't ... maybe she will in the full length video?  fingers crossed.
The last scene and perhaps the most stunning shows us Koharu in a white rag/wedding dress style get up, her hair is big, curly, unruly but most of all beautiful!  I cannot wait to feast my eyes upon these shots.
I'm sure some kind wota soul will scan their photobook soon, I'll no doubt be looking at the scans before the photobook gets to my house, either way its all good.
Below are a few shots from the photobook and the video preview,  yum.

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