My latest gets!

I've been meaning to update my latest 'gets' for a while now so they have been slowly accumalting the past month or so.
With it being a lazy sunday I thought I would take some pics and what not, here we go...

(note - all pics are fairly large in size, since its a 'lazy' sunday I lack the will to resize all the photos I took)

Berryz Kobo - Full signature set!

First up is probably the most awesome item I have ever bought, a signed set of autographs from ALL 8 Berryz!
Each signature is very unique and its really cool to see the girls pen work, I think the cutest sig is Momoko's HAPPY!
I've put this in a glass frame to keep it in pristine condition, I've yet to decide where on the wall I should put it.


Milkyway - Anataboshi

I still love to listen to this song all the time, its amazing that they sold 48,611 units of this, I guess it was super popular with the kids aswell as the wotas.

Morning Musume - Manatsu no Kousen & Furusato

Old skool and still sealed, I got these for a fair price from ebay, also note the black pen mark on 'Furusato' thankfully its on the outside cellophane packaging.


A couple of Chocolove singles, complete with two photocard things, purchased from my good wota'ess' friend Lolli.

Mano Erina - Mano piano

I could not help myself buying this from Ohta, I'm gonna keep it in its cellophane wrapping also and keep it nice and safe, awesome single from an awesome girl.

3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz - Special edition

I've been after this for about a year now as it is such a special item, not only do you get a huge box that contains the mini album, you also get a berryz beach ball and a pair of berryz flip flops!!!! ... I dont tend to wear such footwear but when I'm at the beach next I wont hesitate to put them on.

Milkyway - Magic tamborine!

This is amazingly awesome, it lights up and makes lots of sounds when you press the inner star, there is also a clip so you can hook it onto your belt!
It took me about 7 hours to figure out how to get the batterys into the damn thing (so many screws!).
It has 4 different light settings, pink, blue, yellow and a combination of all three.
I highly recomend playing with this in a dark room when drunk, its super duper.

Yajima Maimi - Visual screen

Meet my new girlfriend Maimi, she's the tall and silent type.
This 'visual-screen' is a work of pure art, its just so big! its very tempting to make this into a Dakimakura ... but I'll resist for now.
Waking up in the morning to Maimi's tiny shorts makes you happy to be alive to witness such sexy splendour.

Berryz Kamen VS Cutie Ranger poster

I have this hung just above my desk so I'm always just a glance away from berryz and C-ute, awesome poster and AWESOME concert.

Berryz Kobo - Dschinghis Khan UH HA! T-shirt

When I first saw this t-shirt on those mini adverts I said to myself 'DO WANT!' and then they popped up in Ohta's ebay store, within seconds I had already paid for one.
My Japanese teacher asked me 'what does that t-shirt mean?' I swiftly punched my fist forward and went 'UH!' and then jumped 180° and said 'HA!!!' ... she drew a blank face and looked even more confused, I explained to her that it was a song about a mongolian emperor sang by a bunch of cute girls ... this confused her more so I just gave up.

Berryz Kobo - Sakura Mankai T-shirt

I much prefare the darker h!p clothing as opposed to the vibrant colours, this t-shirt was only available at the sakura Mankai concert so its a fairly rare item.
If anyone wants to translate the text on the front of the t-shirt please be my guest!

Buono! - T-shirt

A simple yet cute t-shirt, I really like the finger pressing the cheek pose the girls do.

Ai takahashi - Photos

A random selection of the lovely Aichan, a good range from many different ages.

Chinami Tokunga - Photos

A bunch of super cute photos of my number 1 berry, gotta catch em all!!!

Morning Musume - Onna ni Sachi Are photoset

Another item I bought from my friend Lolli, not only am I helping her funds towards her Japan trip, Im also acquiring awesome photos along the way.

Risako Sugaya - photos

I love those photos which show the girls going through various stages of emotion, her 'angry pissed off' face is the best!

Kusumi Koharu - Photos

A set from the sexy 8 beat shoot, and a couple of that magic dress she wore from the 'chance' single.

Kusumi & Mai - Hana wo pun!

More pics from Lolli!

Maimi & Airi - Valentines 2007 photos

I just love the Seifuku's the girls are wearing!

Group photo

Cute pic of Risako, Koharu, Erika and Maimi hugging!!

Buono! - Kiss kiss kiss photoset

Adorable set of photos, with their typical cheek poke pose!

Jun Jun - photos

Awesome selection of JunJun photos, I love the one of her in red glasses ...sexy.

Koharu & Jun Jun - Haromoni photos

These photos are bigger than the usual size, I have the one of Junjun just above my monitor, its like she's looking at me with a disproving stare ... it makes me feel guilty for wasting my time...

And last up is a gift from my friend Lolli from the Lolli's Love Lunch Blog, she was kind enough to send me a pin badge of pedo bear ... I'm not sure if I should be insulted or not .. I'm going to get her something in return, any suggestions? :D



Miika said...

Where do you order your stuff? I would LOVE to get some posters and t-shirts aswell

Anonymous said...

You mentioned me a fair few times in that post. How much do I owe you? (>_<)

I love seeing all your new GETS. I really want some more t-shirts. I wish I had ordered that UH! HA! t-shirt too (;_;) That Sakura Mankai t-shirt is pure WIN. It looks even better then that pic you showed me the other day.

Oh...and you don't have to get me anything. Just continue to listen to my random crap (^_^)

Wendy said...

OMIGOD. I've been looking for Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz... T.T And I've been dying for a Starlight Tambourine since I saw the commercial. You are so lucky~

paul.thomas said...

Looks like it's been a good month!
I've been looking forward to seeing the tambourine for ages, looks like a lot of fun...dark room some beer, maybe a bottle of rum and away you go!
The visual screen looks amazing, after seeing yours and MorningBerryz I'm really regretting not getting one, although I still have no where to put one.

Shirow said...

@ Miika

Theres plenty of places to buy h!p stuff, the best places for special unique items are from ebay and yahoo auctions Japan.
Plus there are various sellers on the 'hello online! forums'.
Stuff can sell fast though so you need to be on the ball ;)

@ Lolli

The t-shirts are good fun, although most of my friends have no idea what they mean, the fools.
And I'm quite happy to send you random crap ... have you started to read that book i sent you yet? ... I bet you havent.

@ Wendy

It took along time to get hold of it, but it was worth the wait, Its very tempting to blow the ball up .. but I cant bring myself to do it, I hope you can get hold of one! they do pop up on ebay from time to time.

@ Paul

The tambourine is great fun, I was gonna do a little video but I came to my senses ...
The visual screen is a pure joy, I'm sure you could put it somewhere, or maybe your girlfriend would get jealous of a life sized berry? heheh.

MorningBerryz said...

LOL! 'Pedo bear'?!! badge...I love that it's so funny! I'm just trying to imagine you performing a Kohachan dance with your new wand...^-^ I love all of the photos too, especially 'pissed off' Risakochan! :)...I haven't seen that set before. H!P t-shirts are pure joy!...and now we have a few in common with the UUH HAA and Sakura Mankai ones...we could be t-shirt twins...:)That's so great that you got a Berryz Koubou complete autograph set!!! I wonder how many fans are willing to part with these as Ohta found me the exact same set, but lazy me hasn't gone to get a frame just yet. You just reminded me...must visit the frame store soon. BK vs. C-ute battle poster is awesome too!!

MorningBerryz said...

LOL! and I forgot to ask...are you really going to wear your BK sandals to the beach?!! Then you must blow up the beach ball too! :P I've still got mine sealed and haven't even touched them yet out of their packages. I wasn't aware that this BK Summer box set was so difficult to find...and with something so rare be sure to guard you sandals and beach ball very well!!...a fellow BK fan may spot you at the beach and attack! :P

jyo ru 嘉陽愛子 said...

I laughed for about 5 minutes straight after reading about the "UH! HA!" t-shirt. I'd have explained it the EXACT same way -- and of course, would get the same blank stare in return. Me wantee!