The Machine Girl


I only found out about the film 'The Machine Girl' last week, I watched it last night with a few beers and OMG!
This film has EVERTHING! ...

Japanese school girls : check
Extreme violence : check
Extreme gore : check
upskirt pantie shots : check
Ninjas : check
Yakuza : check
Drill bra? : check

After watching the film I decided to do a little investigation into the main actress Minase Yashiro, and as luck would turn out she is also a sexy gravure model yay!
Below is a trailer for the film and a photobook download link ^^

Download photobook here

(the trailer is gory)


nnathann said...

for some reason while watching the trailer kill bill came to mind.

CatchFiveBats said...

Thank you for the photobook! I've been meaning to look into Minase for a while, but never got around to it.

Also, you do know that Asami (the girl who played Miki the mechanic) is a JAV star, right? : O

- Zac

Shirow said...

@ nnathann

I guess films with sexy Japanese girls and violence all have the same kind of feel, plus theres lots of limbs being hacked off :D

@ catchfivebats

I did a quick google for that asami girl and found some videos ^^
I wish she would use a second name because theres lots of girls with the same name ... good videos though ... ahem.