Special K


I can safely say that Kusumi Koharu's latest photobook 'Nikki' is a splendid collection of photos that really capture her increasing beauty.
Filled with a range of different styles, from 80's mega hair to slick chic chick.
A few people have found fault with this photobook though, they say that the photo of her laying on the floor wih her legs open are ... 'disturbing' 'unnecessary' 'just wrong' 'nauseatingly vulgar' and 'truly sick' ... do these people posses fine moral clarity? or maybe they lack the knowledge to understand what idol culture is all about, Koharu hating appears to be a favorite past time for numerous h!p fans but who cares about negative opinions? cest la vie.
Every photo in this book is highly relevant to my interests, and maybe yours too?
download it here ...


and a few choice shots to wet your appetite:


MorningBerryz said...

It almost seems like Kohachan is going the gravure route this time really...but I can find no fault in Kohachan. Many may dislike her but I think that she's not only an essential part of Momusu/H!P but also a very charismatic idol in her own right. ^-^ I haven't seen all of the photos being mentioned yet but my copy may arrive tomorrow or the day after. :)

ablestmage said...

I think you mean "whet" our appetite ^_^