OK ... first up, this video is probably older than the bible but its new to me!
The J pop group 'Hinoi Team' join up with japanese comedian and wrestler 'Koriki Choshu' and perform a track called 'night of fire'.
I've had this track on my hard drive for a while now but i never knew there was an actual video for it!
I think its awesome, and I have a strange urge to learn the dance moves ... FIRE!!!!

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Spicytuna said...

LoL! Any Initial D fan would recognize the song immediately. I've never seen the actual music video for it though. Funny stuff.

Xacur said...

It was one of the first Jpop videos I saw. I liked the girls.
I have seen wrestlers in Mexican music videos but not that funny.

Eloy said...

kinda of old but always hilarious to watch.

Anonymous said...

I likes that. Could do without the gold speedo's tho.... not nice....