Berryz Kobo Solo events (1 of 2)

First of all I want to say that this isn't a review or an in depth affair, it's just lots of delicious pic spam and off hand remarks about the latest Berryz solo events.
Lets roll ...

When the girls enter the studio area we get a behind the back stalker type cam, and as you can clearly see its a sausage fest out there ... shock!

First up is the lovely Chinami who has some silky sexy smooth hair

each girl gets to perform 3 songs and also talk about something random (and mundane)
I'm guessing that this is Chinami's dog ... it looks a lot like Maimi's dog 'rocko'

I don't wanna sound too pervy but Chinami has such a killer pair of legs and waist, those shorts are quite lovely

Like most of these events its a mostly male audience, the main demographic seeming to be 20-30 year olds, and in some cases 50+ (see arrow).
It makes me wonder if I will still be lusting after young girls when (if) I become a dried up old biddy.

Next up is Momoko

Momoko never falls out of character, she acts so innocent and naive at all times, when she introduces herself she lets out a childish giggle

Momo decides to bring her guitar along with her (the same guitar used in Dschinghis Khan) ... notice the erect pinky ...

Suddenly a random wota jumps onto the stage to attack momo ... :(

LOL just kidding ...he is infact a mere stage hand helping with the mic stand

You would think that Momoko is about to play something half decent considering she has her fingers stretched onto a scale ...

But her guitar 'playing' leaves a lot to be desired ... much like her piano playing

Next up ... can you guess the girl? wide shoulders, awesome hair, it could only be ...

MAASA SUDO ... how amazing is her hair? its gloriously EPIC.

Maasa's cheeks and lips are looking radiant and kissable

Her bun is just win, but anyway her main talking points are about ...

Her school backpack or the correct term is randoseru

Maasa also treats us to an old skool pic of her as a school girl

It would seem from a young age Maasa has always had a fetish for aviator type sunglasses

Next girl ... the gentle giant Yurina! with lovely smooth hair

She also shows us her randoseru and points out how she decorated it

Like all the girls she sings 3 songs, her voice is quite fragile yet beautiful, Yurina has a way of talking that makes her sound very insecure and hesitant but she has alot of confidence performing her songs in front of everyone without any issues.

PART 2 LATER... ... when I wake up

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rackles said...

Momo's guitar is so cute! I can't wait to see how Saki looked, though I'm sure she was gorgeous.