The Karen girls

When poking around the internets you find an abundance of idols, a group that I recently became aware of was the young idol unit 'Karen girls'.
So far they only have 2 singles which were opening themes to the anime 'Zettai Karen Children'.
The girls currently have a new single coming out soon called 'Fly to the Future'

The most pressing question in my mind is the age of the girls, I'm guessing that the girls are part of a management company or under control of their parents ... either way I hope that they apply to child labour laws ...
Another question is ... what age is acceptable for an idol group?
Do you think there should be an age cap? do you think its a form of child exploitation?
Personally I'm a fan of them and I find the music and vocals quite addictive, no doubt this group will appeal to the fans of much younger idols, but don't let age prejudice stand in the way of an awesome idol unit.

It's awwww right.

Over the Future

My Wings


Beth said...

Doesn't the girl with the curly pigtails remind you of Ayaka Wada from SC Egg?

Anyway... I think anywhere between 14-16 is the perfect age for an idol group. C-ute's pushing it a bit with Mai and with Airi when she was back in Aa!. Not only that, but Mai hasn't really had a normal childhood. Airi is only a few days older than me, and I honestly don't envy her. If I had the chance to become an idol (Hello Project Britain?!) I'd much rather become one when I've finished school, rather than back when I was nine.

.Danny said...


Kevin said...

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I didnt see a link to email you otherwise I would have done that instead!

Kevin said...


forgot that link

Shirow said...

@ Beth

To be honest yeah I did get a slight Wada feel from the girl.
I agree with 14-16 being a prime age for being idols, since Maimi has just turned 17 I hope she will evolve into some type of possible solo artist.
And I think there could be an entire post written about Mai's stolen childhood ^^
Hello project Britain? if that ever happens I will self immolate, nice idea though.


Hey there, I had a poke around your youtube channel, some prety nifty stuff going on, I really enjoyed the Sakura Chirai remix, it made me wonder if there was a way to break down the audio so you just got the vocal track? Hmmm.

Rad said...

Well ... using Hello! Project as an example, Mai Hagiwara was all of 7 when she started with H!P Kids in 2003, and just turned 13 and is a well-established star with C-ute.

Saki Ogawa, who turned 12 in Novemebr, is already a sparkler for the Eggs.

As for Karen Girl's, they look between 9 and 11, but they have high-octane voices and pace, and quite a bit of dancing capability (usually the weakest trait for young idols).

Hmm. Probably 11 is the ideal starting age (there aren't many Hagiwaras out there). Note that Risako was already a raging hit at age 9 when she briefly sang with ZYX before her Berryz Kobo days.

Next, probably 13 for a full-blown group performer, like Saki of C-ute, or Oku and Ono for AKB48.

Then, 14-16 for prime time, and 17-19 for senior members. Retirement starts at 21.


Anonymous said...

I read in the web that they are going to partz in March 09, but since they are about to release fly to the future, I don't think they'll part.
I think that they might have to work harder than normal school kids, but isn't it unimportant how old idols are as long as they are well- treated? Even though it really is possible that their overseer stamps on mistakes(hope that was correct english)

Mary said...
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Anonymous said...

they were born in 1996 so they have the same age that Mai Hagiwara