Buono's upcoming concert bizzarrely titled 'Hybrid punch' looks like its gonna be quite awesome, 4 days of fun it would seem.
The tracklist seems to consist of nearly all of Buono's 2 albums (not to be mistaken with the currently named album) so how could this concert get any better?

Buono! are just getting bigger and better, since the latest album 'Buono! 2' is an absolutely amazing piece of work which YesAsia.com has described them quite favorably:

Buono! were no strangers to the Oricon charts last year. They pleased their fans with no less than four top ten Oricon entries, some of which can be found on their second album. Buono! 2 features twelve tracks including the hits Lotta love Lotta love, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!, and their most recent Oricon #4 hit Co No Mi Chi.

Not only do Buono! pack amazing songs (I NEED YOU, Goal) they also score quite highly on the style factor ... I don't think I've seen such beauty and adorability, the stylists needs a huge round of applause:

The Buono! merchandise is also quite awesome... Buono cutlery anyone!?

...kinda want.


Rick said...

Just got Buono!2 in the mail today. Got the LE and the dvd is good. My copy came with a card that Featured Miyabi on it. Its Pure win. On some downside during the photshoot the girls play a game of hide and seek.

Shirow said...

^ Ah cool, I've still yet to order my copy, the hide and seek sounds fun ^^
I hope I get an Airi card with mine ... but to be honest I love all the girls <3