Pigs are now officially flying

When I first found out about this news it was like a swift kick in the nuts, I've been at work for the past 8 hours so I've had plenty of time to formulate and compose my opinions and questions as follows ...

• is this the beginning of UP-FRONT INTERNATIONAL fully opening up to the western market and actually becoming fully international and not restricting themselves to the Asian markets? it would seem unfair if the UFI didn't give us European wotas a slice of H!P pie also.

• Will this event propel Morning Musume into the western mainstream, I'm curious if its possible new fans could look past the language barrier and the idol concept, there is potentially a massive market for Japanese pop groups considering Japanophilia seems wide spread amongst teenagers, its just a question of how they are marketed ... can you really see H!P photo books sitting in your local bookstore?

• is this all just an experiment the UFI are doing to get a feeling of how well Morning Musume (and idol groups) are received? I'm sure the turn out at the Anime expo will be a key factor in any possible future performances.

• Will Morning Musume's setlist consist of newer material? I personally think that it will contain mostly stuff released in the past year ... I'm not sure why I think this ...I just do.

• Will Morning Musume's flight into America be greeted with a crazy ass fan fest like when Berryz kobo touched down in south Korea?

My overall thoughts on this news are mostly positive ones, although my fandom for Morning Musume has slipped lately due to lackluster singles, I still remain a big fan so the thoughts of Morning Musume expanding and becoming more popular are very much welcome.
Although ... part of me wants them to remain exclusive to Asia, I don't think I would like it if they became too mainstream in the west because I enjoy the fact that a majority of people I know have zero idea what an idol group is.
My Lolli secretary checked out the flights from the UK to LA and it would be costing me around £525 for a return flight ... I'm quite tempted to pop over for a few days and show my support, anyone in LA wanna put me up for a few nights?
Ideally I would rather see the girls in Japan and bust out the glowsticks in true wota style.
If any of you do attend to the Anime expo ... learn the wota chants, coordinate your glowsticks ... and if possible bring large inflatable Bananas for Jun Jun.
I'm gonna end this now with one of the first (and favorite) Morning Musume videos I saw way back in 2004 Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari!

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Rick said...

I heard the news yesterday, and am exhilerated and very sad. I'm happy they're coming but really cant afford the trip to see them. Shure Hangry & Angry are coming here, but this is frikkin Morning Musume! Well, we'll see what the next couple of months bring.