Berryz Kobo get their sexy on

Like most people I heard this single last week from a concert audio rip, I could instantly tell it was gonna be epic ... but the question was is how epic.
Well after watching the PV countless times I can safely say that it's pretty goddamn delicious.
A number of people are saying that this single totally annihilates Morning Musume's latest effort (Naichau Kamo) which is a fairly ambiguous comment considering both singles contrast a fair bit, but I can see the reasoning behind it.
Considering I gave a relatively negative review about Morning Musume's latest single I am quite happy to be writing something positive for once

pic spam roll ...

The set really doesn't deviate much from 'Naichau Kamo' set, the umbrellas are replaced by large speakers, the glittery tassel crap has been multiplied by ten and there's a dj box thrown in for good measure.

As the video starts we get a lot of quick edits that merely tease you for the coming win, this cap of Miyabi's neck lasted almost one tenth of a second ... such a damn tease.

The video continues to tease before the rhythm fully breaks in, the camera never focuses on a girls face, the darkness and fast edits serve to build the anticipation.

The set quickly cuts to a spinning disco ball which then ...

explodes and treats us with shards of delicious Berryz.

There's little point of me talking about the actual music track itself because you can all listen to it and make your own minds up, there's no way on Earth I could dislike this track considering it has fast euro/techno beats and disco flavor, the music and video match quite well indeed.

The camera pans and introduces each girl, the most striking features of Miyabi is her new short hair and the loosely strapped dog collar (so sexy)

Although Chinami is my favorite Berry I think that she is looking the most ravishing out of all the girls, her hair tied up with a red flowered hair pin looks beautiful and her complexion is looking extremely white, obviously this is due to make up and lighting but where is my little tanned Chi chan? I can recall an interview with her from last year when she was asked if she could change anything about herself, her response was 'I wish my skin wasn't so dark'.
This comment actually saddens me slightly because it shows that she possibly has an inferiority complex based upon the shade of her skin, to put this into context, Koreans who live in Japan are treated as third rate citizens, this idea is based upon when Japan used Koreans during World war 2 to further their war effort and expansion across Asia, Koreans were treated no better than American/European P.O.W.'s (which was dire to say the least).
A Korean person who naturally has a darker shade of skin was considered inferior to the Japanese who by comparison have a lighter shade of skin (mostly).
The idea of racial superiority isn't limited to Japan of course but it is a constant issue within Japanese society, I'm not saying that Chinami is of Korean descent (it doesn't matter) but I'm curious if Chinami views herself in such a negative way.
Errr anyway ... on with the video

Maasa is looking doe eyed and beautiful, her curled hair is looking stunning and a welcome break from her standard style

It's quite hard to understand Saki's hair because her hat is covering most of the style, is it lop sided? is the short side combed to the side?
Her hat is quite terrible, but it can be excused because even the leopard of the jungle looks remarkably unfashionable and flamboyant now days

Risako is the absolute queen of looking innocent and pure, her pout is quite powerful and well trained.

The opening shots of the girls seem to follow a pattern of them all looking slightly serious and alluring, Momoko on the other hand tries to follow but fails when she lets out a little playful grin

Yurina has never looked so good, the leather dog collar is an added bonus also.

Although these types of shot might be easy to create they really fit in with the rhythm and speed of the song

Maasa's clothing might not be the most stylish but I think the hat suits her quite well

I've been watching a a lot of live performances of Perfume recently so I can understand how awesome lasers can be, I cant even recall if any previous H!P PV's have contained lasers ... can you?
Also can you see the DJ in the background? this is probably the best shot I can get of her/him.

Risako isn't fat ...

she's just the victim of binary fission

This shot really captures the style of the girls, its quite refreshing to see a more serious approach from the berryz considering the last 3 singles have been 'fun happy cute' style, I would consider this the first sexy approach that the Berryz have done, I think its about time also

for most of the video the girls retain a slightly serious/alluring facial expression, yet when the girls each take it in turn being the DJ they have a little fun

I shall be definitely purchasing this single, if there was an actual Vinyl I think it would be highly collectible indeed

Clearly the camera is focused on one thing, I wonder if future Berryz PV's will keep the continuity? I certainly hope so ...

Momoko's pinky makes a predictable yet welcome appearance

The dance move perform here seems to involve holding your arm up and punching the air beneath it, its rather funky and violent

I haven't read any translations for the lyrics yet but this cap is very much open to our own perverse interpretations


I'm not really sure if Momoko's little leather jacket and dog collar suits her style, she looks badass regardless

7 lots of Miyabi thighs in one shot is an instant heart attack

The edits for this video are done very fast so I decided to do a little math...

The video is 3 minutes and 56 seconds long

The average scene time is 1 second

so this video contains around 256 individual edits, which is fairly hardcore

Even though Momoko is delightfully cute she can at times look quite sinister

this is probably the first time I've ever said the word 'erotic' in the same breath of talking about the Berryz, this scene is totally a surprise and exclusive only to Yurina

her nimble fingers slowly run down her neck and along her throat ... erotic and highly relevant, I wonder if the dance version will have all girls doing the same? can you imagine that? I don't think my heart could take it

I think Risako is the best at making faces

I really cant remember any previous Berryz PV's that contained such gratuitous butt shots

I really like this shot (apart from the obvious reasons) the camera slowly pans downwards

and captures a funky little jumping move

Captain is a sexy little ghetto thug <3

as the video ends we are given a simple formation pose and a fade to black ... much like the ending to Naichau Kamo.
As you are already well aware I'm a huge fan of this, I think its got the potential to be a staple song at concerts much like Special generation and Munasawagi Scarlet, its fast, funky, sexy and hopefully sets the standard for Berryz Kobo from now on.
Now the big question is now will C-ute also step their game up?


T!MM!! said...

My first thought about the song, is fair, I mean I love the old berryz more, but I support them in any direction they're heading to anyway.

But when really take a closer look of PV, make my thought about the track a bit better. They are delicious, really. Not to mention captain's hair JUST WIN! but when I didn't see my silly captain in the PV, just like when you see whiter chinami.

Did you listen to a B-side, I like that one better.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly the best Berryz PV ever!
Thanks for the detailed analysis.

Rick said...

I am so in love with this song and the PV. On a lot of the othr blogs/boards I've been going to for info have had a lot of fans asking for a more mature, better dressed Berryz and this pv gave it to us full tilt. Don't know if I'm to thrilled of the close ups of Risaco's breast bumping, her being a whole 14 years old. I'm a perv yea I like it but thats besides the point. Great song and dance 5 stars.

Anonymous said...

"...Now the big question is now will C-ute also step their game up?"

You seem to have forgotten all about Tokaikko Junjou and all its sexy glory :)

Shirow said...

^ oh the sexy glory is etched upon my soul.

Portal Space said...

Personally, I enjoyed Berryz cute streak, but I'll gladly welcome our new Berryz if it means more Pvs like this. But I can't help but think of horrible 80's trends like Kris Kross when I see Captain wearing mismatched shoes.

Rick said...

@Portal Space: I was thinking of punky brewster myself. gotta go watch vid again

Rick said...

Shirow said"I haven't read any translations for the lyrics yet but this cap is very much open to our own perverse interpretations."
I've been seeing that in lots of Jpop/Hip videos, usually from the women. Lots by Momo. I think this might go into your newer blog on what the women don't like about the men.

.Danny said...

even though Chinami isn't the hottest or most interesting Berry, this video reaffirms that she has the best legs

zimmer said...

First, Happy Anniversary, Shirow.

Second, very nice analysis of the PV. Some of the screenshots (like the "staircase" 4-shot with Saki in front and Yurina in the back) really increased my appreciation for what the director was doing.

Finally--and not to make a big deal of it--I've never before heard the generalization that Koreans have darker complexions than Japanese. In fact, based on the the many I've met (or even seen on videos), Koreans actually have lighter skin tones if one is set on drawing out a difference. Again, it of course makes no difference, but just sayin'.

And if its of any comfort to Chinami, she should take a look at Rika Ishikawa, who is not only one of the most "naturally tanned" girls under UFI (a fact that Rika herself is self-conscious about), but considered in many popularity polls, one of the most attractive.

lazypanda said...

i don't think chinami thinks that way anymore she said that when she was younger, she seems more confident about her looks now

the pv is pure awesomeness and i love the song

Shurastriker said...

miyabi´s clothes (all the outfit in general) is very similar to Aichan in High-King... EXCELLENT

and btw i'll love a BK vinyl, i love that heraldic emblem style logo